Anything Goes : Comedy and Dumbing down by Roy Lionheart

Roy Lionheart

Comedy and Dumbing down

I've seen my share of comedy shows over the years, I have found that now a days comedy shows and films are no longer funny.

Baywatch isn't a comedy, I wasn't impressed with the dirty jokes as it doesn't bring anything to the table. Married with Children, The Cosby Show, from the 1960's to 2005 every show was about character development. It's just no longer there, instead of developing the characters Hollywood thinks it needs to dumb down everything.

I find it really sad to see unfunny series be so successful, and good ones that don't last two seasons.

Dan MaxXx

If you think you know more than employed folks, go do it and do it better.

Roy Lionheart

At least I understand were the audience comes from, did you know that most of the world don't want dumb down films or shows? Or reboots, it's not just about making money it's also about connecting to a vast amount of people.

Patricia Poulos

Hi Dan and Richard, I can't watch what is currently presented as comedy as it appears that to wear the title one has to be crass, foul in all manner of terms. I was fortunate to watch a really old English comedy staring Margaret Rutherford. I knew from the outset it was going to be funny and clean.

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