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Margaret Lindsay Holton

Contracts, Licenses, Copyrights & Legal 'stuff'

What and/or where is the best on-line source for reviews & copies of acceptable legal forms for film production? ie. From securing screenplay 'Rights', to Producer investment 'packages', to crew 'contracts' to 'release forms' to stock & music 'licensing' deals and distribution 'percentages' ~ where can I learn this 'legal stuff' on-line? (Free is always welcome, but understand too that, ultimately, a lawyer has to get involved...) For now, I just seek good overviews of the above, that demonstrates the lingo and articulates the 'general' terms so I can get a better handle on the WHOLE production package. Advice & links all welcome. Thanks!

Royce Allen Dudley

Not sure about online, but the best reference I know of ( and have ) is CONTRACTS FOR THE FILM AND TELEVISION INDUSTRY by Mark Litwak . I have used it to extract my own boilerplates that then get customized but as with all things legal... please consider an entertainment lawyer ! When you get into investment that's another can of worms affected by state and federal laws... the SEC prohibits more than they allow so be mindful... again... attorneys. Disclosure : I am not an attorney and I make no money from the book above- I just believe in both ;)

Margaret Lindsay Holton

That's great Royce, thank you!

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