Anything Goes : Enjoy A Quick Trip Into Darkness––’MACABRE – HORROR – THRILLER’ Reel by Christopher Alan Broadstone

Christopher Alan Broadstone

Enjoy A Quick Trip Into Darkness––’MACABRE – HORROR – THRILLER’ Reel

Enjoy A Quick Trip Into Darkness––’MACABRE – HORROR – THRILLER’ Reel :)

LOOKING To MAKE (or complete) a DARK & THRILLING FILM/Video?

Need a Director or Editor or Audio Specialist or Visual-FX––or all of this in one stop?

Please ENJOY My “Macabre – Horror – Thriller” Reel! :) And yes, I am for hire––

BLACK CAB EDITING (BCE)––Dallas-TX to Hollywood-CA & Online Anywhere!



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Debbie Croysdale

Organic, visceral and script raised my curiosity, I enjoyed the diversity of characters coupled with alternate cinematography. (Sepia, black and white, colour, lenses) Cool!

Debbie Croysdale

I always direct but sometimes need a “certain look” that technical crew needs to execute depending on the genre/theme/atmosphere/message etc. Keep you in mind for the stuff of nightmares and smash jump cuts etc. Like it!

Christopher Alan Broadstone

Debbie, thanks so much! Really appreciate your comments. Please check out my 'COMMERCIALS' Reel too:

As well as the trailer to my feature film HUMAN NO MORE:

Debbie Croysdale

Hi I look forward to watching the above, I’m in transit now with wobbly wi fi so will wait till I’m back at base. Thanks!

Debbie Croysdale

Hi just seen the commercials reel, superb, parts of it took me to a “third” dimension. Especially loved the door coming up from the desert and how the different car scenes all melded.

Christopher Alan Broadstone

Many thanks for watching and your comments. :) Please enjoy the full length Unauthorized 'Ford' Car Commercial here:

Debbie Croysdale

That was fun thanks, the shower scene implied he was going to change/character arc somehow and then he swopped vehicles. I will watch the third trailer on laptop weekend cos my mobile phone is still wobbly with feature link. Cool!

Christopher Alan Broadstone

Thanks a lot, Debbie! Glad you enjoyed the commercial. It was quite a lot of work. :) But so is everything I seem to do. lol And now I have to create a 20 second trailer for my feature HUMAN NO MORE, because a brand new streaming service, that is picking up the film on a consignment deal, wants a short one for promotions. I already have a 60 second trailer, which they also will use. Have a great weekend!

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