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I think cinema, movies, & magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians. Francis Ford Coppola

Paul Sumares

Wondering if you got a chance to see Scorcese's film "Hugo". If so, what did you think?

Edwin Adrian Nieves

I had the chance to see it while in Paris. I'm a big fan of Scorsese & see him as an important director who has contributed a lot to film; however, I did not feel Hugo was/is one of the highlights of his career. I remember thinking the film looked stellar, visually that is, but something in the emotional sector or story-wise wasn't hooking on for me. I spoke to another Stage32 member, Gregg Watt, about this, and he made a statement that just explained my feelings toward Hugo. The film seemed perfect for a director like Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Aesthetically, Hugo had everything going for it, but for some reason I imagine the director of Amelie could have done something more to elevate the film as a whole. The parts, though, that really grabbed me were with Georges Méliès. I've only seen it once so my understanding/feelings toward Hugo might change. What did you think?

Andrew Kiaroscuro

Hey everyone if you like the Weeknds check out there music video I directed Enjoy!

Edwin Adrian Nieves

Much thanks for sharing, Andrew, and keep them coming!

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