Anything Goes : Follow your passion no matter how long it takes! by Mark E. Sackett

Mark E. Sackett

Follow your passion no matter how long it takes!

WATCH THIS: I can't get this audition out of my head. Daily I meet people with all kinds of challenges, physical, mental, emotional and creative. We all have our respective struggle, but something in Lazaro Arbos American Idol just cemented in me last night. You all know me to be passionate about many things but rooting for the underdog, rooting for and helping anyone who works passionately for something and who believes in them self is first among those. Lazaro Arbos I'm sure a fan and may actually watch American Idol this season for a change in support! Keep going buddy. YOUR GENUINE AND HEARTFELT PASSION ARE PROFOUND AND CREATIVES EVERYWHERE COULD USE MORE OF IT.

LeAnn Lightfoot

This little fellow gave me hope :)

Paul Fife

Good looking young man, talented singer. Like to know what happened or perhaps happens to him on the show. Interesting to me that the power of music could unlock Lazaro's speech problem and transform him into a whole person. Reminds me of Jim Neighbors going from a dimwitted simpleton to a polished professional singer. Audiences witnessed Neighbors' amazing transformation for the first time on the Andy Griffith Show back in the 60s and that was a huge hit then as the phenomena seems to be for Lazaro now.

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