Anything Goes : How much money each occupation makes on a $200M movie. by Samantha Ford

Samantha Ford

How much money each occupation makes on a $200M movie.

Vanity Fair posted that video that pretty much went viral. This is really cool. Let the credits scroll and see how much you'd be getting paid if you worked on a $200M project. Video is going viral - check it out if you haven't seen it yet. Seems accurate to me. :) Ciao.

Charles K. Frazier

Wow! This is certainly worth copying, sharing & saving.

Art Thomas

Thanks for your message. I will check it out for sure. Is there a particular link? We received our 7th film review yesterday; The Independent Critic - "Hush Money" a Quality Crime Thriller

Emily Brown

Cool stuff!

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Haha, that was p retty cool. We did have to laugh at some of the terms they used.

Dan MaxXx

They left out the bribe money fund to the local gangsters AKA Union delegates. At least that's how it's done in NYC :)

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