Animation : How to animate a film in 7 minutes by David Andrade

David Andrade

How to animate a film in 7 minutes

I get asked once in a while how animation works (I run a animation studio.) I made this video and figured it could help someone understand the nutty process it is... Ask questions in thread if you have any :D!

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Carrie Hawks

Thanks for posting this. Very helpful while I'm making my film

Marija Miletic Dail

Thanks for sharing; great stuff! Only - I do 2D animation, and am looking for an easiest software to use. Know of some?

Mark Elliot

WOW!!! This is a fantastically interesting video and I don't do any kind of animation. That said, I will spend any good will I acquired on a marginally related question. Related because somewhere in this video I heard the word "storyboard". I need to create a storyboard for a book, and I have no artistic (drawing) talent and no budget. There must be an application. Can somebody enlighten me?

David Andrade

Marija: is the software you need. It's great! Mark: If you google storyboard tools you should be able to find some good ones. If you have to go real lost cost, you can get a copy of Blender (free) and grab some tutorials (YouTube, CGCookie) and learn how to do it that way :)

Mark Elliot

I will check out animation paper David, thank you!!! Find some good tools? You are giving me too much credit. I would have to know something in order to know what "good" is. So, animation paper it is.

Mark Elliot

Bummer, it looks like if I want to use animation paper I need to be able to draw. I think I am picturing something with a collection of stock objects and backgrounds that I can alter, move around and shift perspectives.

Marija Miletic Dail

Thank you - I never heard about Animation paper before.

Mike Colonna

Is it possible to take a video storyboard, with clips of different movies, and create animation of the clips. Creating an animation Storyboard trailer for a screenplay?

Monserrate Pagan Jr

What I want to learn is the "Basic" on how to make the character and put him in the program so I can animate him.

Moniece Robinson

Very cool and interesting! Thank you for sharing!

Christine Koehler

Facinating, David! I've always wanted to write animation!

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