Composing : Music copyright for "Happy Birthday" by Leah Streetman

Leah Streetman

Music copyright for "Happy Birthday"

Here's a great article about the ongoing legal battle in the music copyright for "Happy Birthday". Gives a little insight into the world of music licensing and the complications involved. As a music supervisor, it's just fascinating to watch this unfold!

An Old Songbook Could Put 'Happy Birthday' in the Public Domain
An Old Songbook Could Put 'Happy Birthday' in the Public Domain
It is one of the most beloved and famous of all songs, belted out at countless gatherings for infant and octogenarian alike. Yet "Happy Birthday to You," far from being as free as a piece of cake at a…
Fleurette M Van Gulden

Didn't read post but must ask, wouldn't that fall under public domain by now. Is this Londonderry Air revisited?

Leah Streetman

If this information is valid, then indeed it would. As the most recognizable song in the English language and one of the most licensed songs in the world, this would be a huge development in the world of music publishing. Will be very interesting to hear the final ruling on this.

Brian Gaber

It makes sense for Warner to keep this tied up as long as possible. BTW I learned several years ago the middle section of "Chopsticks" is under copyright, at least in the UK.

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