Anything Goes : On Elections and Voting by Kenton Owen III

On Elections and Voting

"So why don’t voters take a few minutes to learn about those who would make decisions that will affect their wealth, the education of their children and the welfare of their neighbors, and then cast a vote? It’s a question often posed by political scientists and others in reams of research that falls into four basic categories that influence voter turnout: the effect of gerrymandering, money, negative advertising, and the access to or simplicity of the voting process....... .....Neither of these factors, however, should excuse Indiana’s lousy turnout, whatever the actual percentage. Hoosiers who want to drink booze on Sunday know they have to buy it ahead of time, so we’re certainly capable of making arrangements to cast our ballots during an election. If Indiana is a corporation, then we’re its directors. So it’s pathetic just three in 10 Hoosiers bothers to choose who should run their country, state, county, city or schools. It’s one of the most important decisions of the year, one that will affect your pocketbook and your future. You wouldn’t let just anyone run your business, so there are no excuses for not participating in the decision on who will run your government."

Business Insider: Hoosiers can't afford to ignore business of voting
Business Insider: Hoosiers can't afford to ignore business of voting
CLOSE Only 1 in 3 registered Indiana voters take part in electoral process, meaning most won't have a say in decisions affecting their lives. We often talk about business at the intersection of politi…
LindaAnn Loschiavo

Have you seen "Suffragette"? Great film about women trying to get the right to vote in 1912.

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