Anything Goes : One Word About You by Andrew Mondia

Andrew Mondia

One Word About You

So I am asking fellow Stage 32'ers to share one word that describes you.. Mine is Unique.

Steve Sherman


Stephanie Gilbert

Go-getter :)

Andrew Bruce Lockhart


Natalie Wright


Lina Jones

Mine is "unwritten"

Egypt Reale


Stephen J. Jacobs


William Andrew Brewer


Douglas James Proce


Brooke Andrews


Barry J. McLoughlin


James David Sullivan


Stacey Bradford Schaller


Alton Braden


David Belmont

psychotic...okay, kind of I guess I'll stick with psychotic...

Zergog Sebastian Tovar

Institutionalized. But then I am not crazy as I have my release papers to prove it..

Anton West


Doug Nelson

Unshakable (I pretty much seen it all – but I’m still watching & learning.)

Leland Shook


Kevin Hayman


Tim Lane

perspectivist - which is just a fancy word for a 'what-if-wonder'.

James David Sullivan

@Kevin - if you are odd, I suggest you get even!

Stephen J. Jacobs

Non-human (I thought I would add some additional one word descriptions as they evolve.)

Stephen J. Jacobs


Stephen J. Jacobs


James David Sullivan

@ Stephen - Your inability to follow instructions is admirable! ;-)

Stephen J. Jacobs

To Andrew and James, sorry for my complete misunderstanding of the rules. I thought it was one word at a time, not just once. However, out of sincere contrition and the humiliating embarrassment of my misdeeds, I have taken the following course of action. I have just ordered the Demonically Possessed Shock Troops of the Forest Elf and Pixie Insurgency to immediately destroy every Human Criminal and Terrorist on Planet Earth. Thusly, I am doing my part to help reduce Human Overpopulation as my formal apology for my previously inappropriate behavior. Do you guys forgive me?

Steve Sherman

HI, Stephen. Well, that explains why a dang Pixie flew at us while I was walking the dog this morning. My chihuahua thought the wings were tasty. Sorry about that. I hope they grow back.

Thomas Ray


Andrew Mondia

Wow... I just felt like it would be great to get to know people and not all said just one word. Some went into a story. Even I felt some took the mickey out of what I was asking but each to their own. Interesting what is being said. I maybe should add if someone wants to after sharing their word... comment like some have done than by all means do but first follow original post.

Steve Warren

"Creepy" is the word that comes up most often in my reviews, even when I'm not playing creepy. I don't understand it, when in real life I'm only a little bit creepy.

Dave McCrea

Andrew, what, you thought you could exercise control over all the reactions of people to your post? Maybe you should change your adjective to "rigid" or "dictatorial" LOL.

Greg Hickey


April Ranck

worker and passionate

Beulah Jones


Lydia Torres


Joel Heath


Andrew Bee


LindaAnn Loschiavo

VOLCANIC. All 4 of my grandparents were born and raised on active volcanoes.

Terry Okrusko


James Patrick Brown


Bruce Davis


Lydea Torres

Funergetic....=fun energetic

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