Anything Goes : Paparazzi by Toni Favilli

Toni Favilli


OK... this could get contentious. What do people feel about the paparazzi? Are they a necessity or parasite? intrusion or fighters for 'the peoples right to know'? Why is it accepted that this is part of the business? Should it be? Is there not enough exposure for movies/theatre/actors through the vast variety of TV and Internet interviews and shows, press junkets, etc...? Let me hear your thoughts!

Antonio Ingram

Hello Toni. I look at the paparazzi as any other employee working as hard as they can to make the end meet. I imagine lots have families to take care of. Yes, so go too far but when you need money, you do what you got to do to get it. I do think there should be law for paparazzi to not be able to take pictures when people are driving, and on somebodies property. But some of the stupid things that entertainers do simply comes back to hunt them through the paparazzi. Thank you for sharing Toni.

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