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Irene Leonardou

Press release

About the screenplay "The Secret of the Gods" (AKA “Gods Secret”), that is an adaptation of the homonymous book (BCU © 2001 ISBN 960792858-X) by author Irene Leonardou. ( ) With this Press Release Anastasia Brousou (pen name Irene Leonardou) wants to PROTECT her work by informing the other professionals. All of the original work as provided by law is deposited in the National Library of Greece BCU © 2001 and the Official Notary Office with protocol number 14633 and All Rights Reserved and the Copyrights are covered by:The Berne Convention Implementation Act of 1988 / Sec. 1 • Short Title and References to Title 17, United States Code. Anastasia Brousou (pen name Irene Leonardou) which have All Rights Reserved for the “The Secret of the Gods" ("TSOTG”) and all its forms (screenplay, synopsis, etc) she have not signed a contract with Nick Thomas Webster and BH24 or any other producer or production company as Amcofilms and Armand Mastroianni. She wrote the screenplay with Alexandros Manousakis (pen name Alexander Haythen) and he will be paid for this work with 50% of screenwriters payment amount if the script go into production. Alexander Manousakis (pen name Alexander Haythen) has not Anastasia Brousou’s Permission to write, alter, rewrite, register, promotes with any way or exploit the “TSOTG” and therefore neither the right to sign a contract with anyone for the “TSOTG” for him or himself. Anastasia Brousou (pen name Irene Leonardou) and Alexander Manousakis (A. Haythen) are both living in Greece and responsible for the difference between them is the Greek Justice in which An. Brousou have already resorted. On October 25 2013 before the Courts of Thessaloniki (Greece) took place the hearing of the application for interim measures (Deposit number 12107/2013) in absentia of Alexander Manousakis (pen name Alexander Haythen) where proved that his action ( / ) is an infringement of her copyright. Anastasia Brousou has also denounces this fraud to the DMCA and to the IC3. Under penalty of perjury she hereby declares that all the information in this Press Release is accurate and that she is the copyright owner. For more info contact: Anastasia Brousou (pen name Irene Leonardou) Writer - Screenwriter P.S. Certain simple questions that ask answers from A. Haythen 1 Has he bought the Rights of her book? YES or NO; 2 Has he received her Permission to exploit the story of her book? YES or NO; 3 Has he violated the Private Agreement which he signed by sending the screenplay to the “FILM-COM 2014” without her permission? `YES or NO? and4 Why he or his lawyer did not attend at the court?

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