Anything Goes : Roaring Twenties by Claude Gagne

Claude Gagne

Roaring Twenties

I woke this morning with this on my mind. How many here are history buffs? My first thought was on this worldwide pandemic and what happened in 1918-19 with the Spanish Flu. After the flu fizzled out things began to boom on the world stage. The Roaring Twenties. Are you prepared to enjoy the fruits of it? It's odd that the dates are similar to what it was like then, but you need to remember what happened in 1929. Do you think it's a coincidence that what is happening now is a resemblance to what is yet to come? Do you think history follows itself? I hope it doesn't!

Rutger Oosterhoff

History. The dates. I think most of it is random.


The Black Death: between75,000,000–200,000,000 (estimate)

Spanish flew total: 50 million death

Household injuries of any sort: 5,8 million death

Corona, still rising: 3,5 million death

Trafic accident per year: 1.35 million death

Total homicides per year: 4000,000 death

ALL terrible, but I try to see things in perspective... although that doesn't help families/people who lost loved ones. I know.

"After the flu fizzled out things began to boom on the world stage".

Interesting but dangerous. It feels Darwinistic to me. If enough people die, and the strongest, fittest, survive, - the world makes a fast leap for the better. Is that really true, proven? Maybe. Don't know.

Claude Gagne

They say history repeats itself, just like wars. There have always been wars somewhere. Hard times bring people and governments on the edge. Let's hope what is happening on the world stage today won't bring it on. Yes, I hope the dates don't bring it on. Fingers crossed.

Rutger Oosterhoff

About wars. Yes, there have always been wars and will always be. People never learn.

About dates, and bringing it on, You don't strike me as a superstitious man Claude. But yes, don't anger the Gods, whoever they may be. :)

Claude Gagne

I have only one God. Superstitious, Not.

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