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Anything Goes : The Fault in Our Stars by Eva Pohler

Eva Pohler

The Fault in Our Stars

My book club chose to read The Fault in Our Stars this month, and last Friday we all watched the movie together for the first time. I’d already read the book once before and read it again so I could have the details fresh in my mind. It was just as wonderful the second time around. The movie did an AMAZING job of staying pretty true to the book. There were minor differences for the sake of saving time. I was SO PLEASED. I was equally pleased with the casting, especially of Hazel and her parents and of Simon. If you’ve not read the book or seen the movie, I really encourage you to do one or both. It’s a beautiful story about a terminally ill teen who strikes up an interesting relationship with two kids at her support group. One of the boys falls in love with her, but, even though she’s drawn to him, she’s afraid of hurting him. She is, after all, going to die. The book brings in these amazing ideas, like “Pain is meant to be felt.” Think about that. Sometimes we go through extreme measures to avoid pain, but maybe we shouldn’t always. I also loved the idea that some infinities are greater than other infinities and how our main character, Hazel, is grateful for the little infinity she got to share with Gus. Their days were numbered, but they found a forever inside of those numbered days. The book also reminds those who might be terminally ill that they aren't a grenade who will one day explode and take everyone down in their wake. Those who are close to the person relish the privilege of having had the chance to love them. Loved ones never regret having known a cancer victim. They are always GRATEFUL. Finally, we don’t have to leave some kind of huge mark on the world before we die to feel significant. As long as we are important to the people in our lives, they will remember us, and that is enough. Did any of you see the film or read the book? If so, what did you think?

Amanda Toney

I completely agree with everyone you said, Eva!

Eva Pohler

I will never forget this book or the film!

Eric Pagan

I didn't read the book but, I did see the movie. It was a good story.

Eva Pohler

Even without the book, the film was amazing. I agree!

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