Anything Goes : The Resurrection (A Short Film I Wrote) by Darrin Smith

Darrin Smith

The Resurrection (A Short Film I Wrote)

I filmed this concept for a competition. It is based on Biblical Prophesy about the resurrection of dead loved ones... “The hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out.”​—John 5:28, 29.

Marcus Thomas

I just got chills. Amazing work!

Armando Alejandro

I think it's a good title. Others might have used the Rapture as a title.

Darrin Smith

Others COULD have used the Rapture, however that would be incorrect since the Rapture is suppose to be Jesus taking people to Heaven which is not backed up by any scripture in the Bible. It's only a mis-interpretation. All any one person in the world needs to ask themselves is, "Why don't I want to die? And if life after death is so great why is there no happiness associated with the death of someone you love?" Once you find the answers to those questions, teachings like the Rapture no longer make any sense and will be identified to you as a product of false religous teachings.

Armando Alejandro

Good point. Makes sense.

Darrin Smith

Laird.... Wow. And yes I can sense the undertone of your disgust with religion and rightfully so.

Gregory T. Fugate

Good job Darrin. You don't have to be religious to be touched by the story or admire the quality of the production. I particularly liked the wing in the background when she is standing at the headstone. Nice touch.

Darrin Smith

Yeah I animated that in 3DS Max and because I used the green grass as my green screen when compositing it in After Effects. :-)

Gregory T. Fugate

The only thing I would've done differently would have been to highlight the passage of the bible at 0:36. Especially since it is so integral to the story, but that's just me.

Gary Craig

Wow! Great quality. What camera did you use to shoot. Beautifully shot, edited and composed. The only question I have was the piece of equipment accidently left in the shot sitting behind the picture frame!

Joseph Kellner

very very nice Darrin

Darrin Smith

Thanks Joseph!

Brandon Oliver Jones

Very sweet! I wouldn't mind being in one of your films. I like your style, man.

Joel Yagual


Darrin Smith

Laird, what are you talking about?

Jason Hursh

Gave me the chills! Succinct and beautiful. Well done.

Davia Gorman


Davia Gorman

This is amazing..

John F. Trelow

Touched...very well done.

Michael J. Citak

stunning. nicely done.

Deborah Roberts

What a beautiful clip. it made my thoughts, to remember, the deepest feelings for the ones we looses! well done.

Tanya Salinder Kaur

Very powerful! Excellent work.

jamie gazelle

nice ...get hold of me im working on a faith based deal too pitched it this week actually

jamie gazelle

do you need songs for a film or a score get hold soon I have all styles all

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