Anything Goes : WTFs going on now? by Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson

WTFs going on now?

I've just started to notice that certain words in common use in these forums (like start, lawyer, survey...) appear in blue with double underlines. When I pass the cursor over them some annoying popup add appears. Am I the only one or are others witnessing this?

Doug Nelson

I just noticed it in my own post. Is this the 'new norm' - if it is, I'm outta here.

Tony S.

Agreed. First thing that came to mind. Link to malware software. Easy to install and run:

Tony S.

I never logon without it! ;)

Elvira Drake

I'm not seeing what you're seeing. I suspect it might be my adblocker in Chrome (uBlock Origin)... works well. Also, I agree with Hector. It may be just on your computer possibly. (I also use Malwarebytes.)

Doug Nelson

Nope - tried that. But thanx anyway.

Gustavo Freitas

I don't see it, Doug.

Doug Nelson

Thanx folk - looks like I got rid of that sneaky little sob.

Debbie Croysdale

Hi @Doug when I type something in my profile page and address it to someone else EXAMPLE @Jack an annoying name index comes up of ALL the Jacks on this website and the name index follows my cursor key so I can’t see what the hell I just typed. (Cos Jack Allen to Jack Zog is following me in box I’m typing in). The only way I got rid of this is to double click in box right hand side of index. All this web based info “Dump” at the simple action of just typing is a reflection of the times. Pen and paper are needed for no trogon horses or backdoor widgets and apps. GROAN!

Doug Nelson

Debbie, what you're talking about I think is just a feature here on S32 - I don't use it for the reason you stated.

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