Anything Goes : What is your 2014 project? by Benn Flore

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Benn Flore

What is your 2014 project?

Just an idea: Let us start this 'WHAT IS YOUR 2014 PROJECT' topic -and go for a long list- so that others can read what is coming and join, help or colaborate if possible. I'll post two projects to kick off. What are yours?

Benn Flore

My first: after writing books last year my 2014 project will be focussed on promoting and eventualy selling these as screenplay, as one is allready adapted as script. I am open to collaborate with anyone who likes these:

Benn Flore

My second 2014 project: writing episode 5 and 6 of the police series 'Renz Fox, a former inspector who loved his job so much, that he cannot stop'. To be published as Dutch book to start with and to be considered as an English book translation and TV-serial once finished in Dutch. Here is an intro:

Benn Flore


Tanya Salinder Kaur

This is a great discussion topic Benn. 1) I am going to look to gain professional voluntary work experience in the theatre industry (London) as part of my degree which I am in my final year of. 2) I am joining a group in which we all support each other to write a novel within the year. And I will pretty much see where I go from there. All I know is that I want a lot to show for how I spend 2014! Lots of collaboration with fellow creatives. All the best with your endeavours Benn. I wish you a happy festive season and a prosperous 2014!

Benn Flore

Hope it works Tanya


My focus is going to be on completing the script for a television series based on my life. I already have 108 episodes outlined - and could outline another 400, conservatively :) Needless to say, I have had an incredible life and feel very blessed to be able to use my global experiences in a television series.

David George Sears
  1. I hope to sell 1 or more scripts. (Short or feature) 2. Gain my 1st IMDB credit 3. Make more connections. 4. Have some successful collaborations. Basically, I want to really get my foot in the door.
William Richburgh II

Get book published, complete 2nd book, lots of auditions!

KaiCarra Kc

Flesh out the animations on a short, and then begin work on the score. Stay on time for its screening/ release in 2015. Happy Holidays everyone!

Richard Gustason

When I get funding going to film my short film "Holy Ultimatum". Then work on the script for a film that was inspired by Blondie's "Heart Of Glass" song. I'm gonna sprinkle auditions and stand up comedy in 2014. So yeah, 2014 isn't going to be so busy for me. LOL

Michael J. Citak

I would love to collaborate with another screenwriter to flesh out our "Anything Goes" story into a screenplay!!! There's a link to our story so far!!!!

Yana Gibbs

Writing an adaptation of a novel and taking it to Cannes in May.

Nicholas Cariddo

I'm working on my second screenplay entitled "greetings from asbury park... Again" -- a YA - coming of age film (a story I've been playing with for over a decade. I'm also going to keep trying to find interest in my first script based Ontario incredible true events of the Morro Castle -- NJ's own Titanic

Nikita Ivanenko

That's a hard question. This year i finished 2 feature screenplays and started working over 2 series. The next year is full of various scripts of different genres, and , of course, promotion of the completed ones )

Antonia Jones-Hackley

I'm working on a fantasy about a violin player who lost his passion for playing and for love after his father's death. 89 pages so far.

Mary-Louise Bennett

I am working on a pilot episode for television looking to pitch to someone looking for something new a new kind of comedy

Mark Schaefer

I'm gonna start my 2nd class at the groundlings improv class to become a better actor... is that possible? I"m sooo dammn good! :) teee heee!

Cynthia Garbutt

Projects for 2014: 1. finish my novel about the Russian mafia (cause I've already got a producer interested in it). I'm 1/4 way into it. 2. write the script for a documentary style feature length screenplay, based on a true story, about the life of an asylum seeker of the Lebanese civil war. 3. hopefully do some walk-on work - since they're several blockbusters being filmed in London this year. Hope 2014 is a good year to really get a green light on something. I feel I'm still in limbo with developing the work that I've already completed.

Benn Flore

With 20 comments on 35000 (???) members this 'poll' is not statistically representative. Yet it strikes me with how many people we are making plans for 2014. Where are the filmmaker, the directors, the producers and the marketeers in Stage 32 who are in a day to day job to finish next year?

Marc Baron

my project is a feature comedy called MEGABALL$, about geeks, the Mob and the lotto. is now financing.

Tressa Sanders

We are doing a short drama, a psychological thriller and a 1940s Film Noir crime drama this year; all on 16mm film. We recently started shooting on film and we're excited about our film projects this coming year. Cheers!

Richard Gustason

All of you have fantastic projects for 2014. Hope they come to fruition for you all.

Krystol Diggs

My 2014 project is to shop my two screenplays and hope for the best. I was thinking about entering some film festivals but I don't know which ones to choose.

Pete Yagmin

Almost immediately I'll be directing my first indie short Dark Roast ( and hopefully screening it at local indie festivals in New England.

Perri Yaniv

I love this idea! and updates should be encouraged as we slog through the rest of winter, stay on track during the distractions of spring, and build a place to check in with each other. My project for the upcoming year is to fall in love with preparing my work, training myself to think big, and become sharper and better than ever before.

Benn Flore

He Perri, on I love your idea for a follow up.

Benn Flore


Comedian D'Lo Hutchins

I am doing a basketball movie that we're hoping to film in 2014. Clifton, A basketball player, is duped and set up by a jealous friend which causes him to publicly embarrass the team's owner. He is fired and forced to move back into his old neighborhood. When the team's owner runs for office, his motorcade is forced through the small town due to construction. When the team owner sees Clifton, old hatred between the tow is rekindled. Now, Clifton must fight to rebuild his life while his old boss is set on destroying him and those around him. The website is

Mark Cabaroy

I'm promoting my new web series Angie's Logs and hoped you would take a look. The episodes are short about two minutes in length. I have officially launched The Invaders You Tube channel When you get a chance please check it out and if it's not too much trouble please subscribe to it. Here's a link to the pilot: and we have just posted a second episode Also it would be super awesome indeed if you could send, re-post (on your stage 32 wall here for example) or forward the You Tube link to your friends, family and peeps or anyone else you think would enjoy it and ask them if they would subscribe to our channel as well. I know it's asking a lot but we really need to build an audience and subscribers (views are nice too) Don't forget to like us and add us as a friend on Face book: There's lots of cool artwork from the show and behind the scenes photos.

Michael James

Hoping producer comes through with funding to start moving 4ward on Roswell The Beginning. www.Facebook.Com/Roswellthebeginning

Marc Baron

I also volunteer a lot of my time .... on the NY Board of SAG-AFTRA ,,,, on the Council of the Episcopal Actors Guild, a charity for actors ... as the president of The Lambs Foundation, a charity for the entertainment world ... and as the 35th Shepherd of The Lambs, America's first professional theatrical club founded in 1874.

Mark E Clason

I'm producing 2 - 1 minute shorts in the spring, and a 15 minute short film in the summer.

Simone Barron

I'm hoping to finish my first screenplay entitled "Hillsboro" about a furniture maker in small town Indiana, 1920s. The conflict between love, loss, religion, sin, money and poverty. A journey to tragedy. Also, I want to audition for more film and work on classical singing.

KaiCarra Kc

Hi Simone- your screenplay sounds intriguing to me. The best to you and please keep me posted - or if you just need some encouragement, I'm here. I'm a classically-trained singer also. :) Blessings!

Doug Nelson

2014? Well to start, finish post on Gramma Ott and get it out on the festival circuit. Then a table read of Hope and a Wish and take it thru casting and production in the spring for summer/late summer release. Then I’ll produce either The Game or The Guardian (Moondance winner and finalist.) Then I’ll finish the FL script of The Similibus. In my spare time, I’ll teach screenwritting andl help local screenwriters.

Andre Hunt

Going to look back at the dates of last years film festivals in France in order to be prepared for this year. Test my Blu-Ray submission discs on various players to see if there are any problems. (Try getting a Blu-Ray burned with IMac software to play on a Sony Playstation.) Design a trailer for my short film using new ideas, effects, and scenes depicting what happens from alternate perspectives. (keeps my chops up, plus I've always wanted Zeppelin's in my film anyway.) And no more coffee grounds down the sink.....

Monserrate Pagan Jr

Get everyone to come to Alaska - to make part or all their project. Wait If I Live in Florida ? Don't worry we can make it "like" Florida, only with snow, Bears, Moose etc. We have two main projects and a bunch of smaller ones. But seriously if anyone needs to learn about what Alaska has to offer the film industry - contact me - I will help you in any way that will enhance your project.

Josh Mitchell

Please help me rally to produce my new cutting-edge indie feature film "Lack of Cockery". This is a passion piece that I am writing, directing, producing, and starring. I am offering some stellar incentives below for those who donate to the cause -

Andre Hunt

As usual, trying to watch your other stuff, and Vimeo breaks up. I have pretty decent speed, and can watch HD videos (like mine) on youtube no problem. Vimeo drives me nuts. I recommend you back your stuff up on youtube.

Benn Flore

Thanks for your reaction and for your advice. Do you mean 'it happens all the time' that Vimeo does not work well, or more specific on the link I communicated: ?

Richard Gustason

I believe it may be the operating system or your computer itself. I had issues with Vimeo and at the time YouTube but noticed it was my computer. After a little file clean up I was good to go.

Benn Flore

Thanks Richard

Andre Hunt

I could use a little file cleanup.

Deborah Weed

I'll be working on two more screenplays; two pilots for TV; an anti-bullying -- self-worth building campaign for the elementary school systems; and a full scale musical! I'm lit up with passion, a wish to uplift others and a heart that soars... what more could I want?! Benn, thanks for the 2014 starter...

Steve Crawford

We will be producing a musical TRIBUTE artist stage show presentation that will tour 48 venues over 4 months--July ---October-----we need lots of people and as usual money. I would like to find a great marketing director to get advertisers or sponsors for whole tour and for all the local cities. I have 6 tribute artists and 4 sound engineers---I need a lighting engineer-----and a BARRY WHITE--- Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Have a look at our temp. let me know. Thanks everyone---Steve

Geoffrey Gould

A month ago production began on a first-time feature-film director's indie film "Everything" in which I'm starring; so far we've shot scenes of mine locally (that is, locally for the production: Missouri... I'm in Los Angeles), and London UK, and sometime in early 2014 we resume when scheduling is set up.

Hester Schell

TWO PROJECTS: Currently in production on a comedy/sketch web series. As soon as our B roll gets out of post, we'll be announcing and posting and asking for your clicks over at YT. San Francisco Bay Area crew will be needed. IF YOU LIVE IN THE SAN FRANCISCO AREA (AND HAVE TIME TO DO THEATER:) 
SAME TIME NEXT YEAR by Bernard Slade, Directed by Hester Schell
. Benicia Old Town Theatre Group:
 A New Jersey accountant and a housewife from Oakland have an affair, agree to meet once a year. Over the course of the next 24 years, they develop an emotional intimacy deeper than one would expect to find between two people meeting for a clandestine
relationship just once a year. OPEN AUDITIONS -
Sunday, 1/26/14 (1-4pm- location TBA)
Monday,1/27 (4-8pm-Historic BDES Hall- 140 W J St, Benicia)
 Callbacks by invitation only. 

ROLES- Seeking two strong comedic actors:
 1 male- must play 25-50, goes from guilty pleasure seeker to dedicated lover.
 1 female- must play 25-50, goes from innocent to educated.

 Prepare 2 minute COMEDIC monologue not from the play.
 Bring 2 hard copies of headshot and resume to audition.
 No pay. Must have reliable transportation to downtown Benicia.

 PERFORMANCES: 4/18- 5/9: Fri & Sat at 8pm, Sun at 2pm, Benicia Old Town Theatre Group,
Info: 707 746-1269,

Jessica Estelle Huggins

Ben, Great conversation! In March 2013, I began to lay the foundation of my film series, Chi~Voices: A Poetic Film Series. I have gathered 10 strong Spoken Word poets to creatively express themselves about the youth violence specifically in Chicagoland. We plan on receiving all of our production funds in March and we aim to begin production in April 2014. Everyone can check out more info here: If interested in learning more, send me an email at :)

Daniel Blake Smith

My project is TEXAS HEART, a dramedy for which we shot a trailer in the fall. It's the story of a Miami lawyer who, upon losing a case for the mob, runs off to a forgotten small town in Texas where he stumbles upon a powerful reason to do good. We're in the process of attaching a director and are looking for funding (it's a $500K film). Check out our trailer at:

Comedian D'Lo Hutchins

Best wishes Daniel! Getting funding is a booger. I was told my budget was too low for some and too high from others... AND I have talent, a producer and a director attached. It's tough, I tell ya!

Benn Flore


Mark E Clason

I like the premise put forth in your teaser video.

Steve Crawford

WE have the all the audience we need--and the show is going on tour regardless--of investors or partners----the show is unique and our bottom line is an average of 2500 seats---all the partners, cast and crew share in everything after that---Steve

Daniel Blake Smith

Thanks, Mark and Benn. We feel the story is relatable and universal, despite being a low indie project.

Martin Testa

My film company is about to go into production on a choose your own adventure flick, 6 seperate but like stories on a common theme 3 different endings. Same 3 characters same sets, like a parallel universe. With a twist, You can pick and choose in which direction or which character you want to propelled the story. 2 yrs developing it, we feel it's the formula not just the film that will be worth investing in. Obviously there are big holes in the info I'm sharing ;) but you get the theory. 2014 should be pretty exciting ...

Lillian A. Nader

I am continuing to seek backers and producers for my musical comedy, Pandora, by entering contests and joining orgs like ALAP (Alliance for LA Playwrights). I am an Orange County girl venturing into L.A. more. Thinking bigger for 2014.

Bill Joyce

We have the first draft of the military thriller screenplay "Enough" completed and we will build a team around it as we approach producers and interested parties. Being new at this wonderful business, 2014 will be a continuing educational process that i look forward to.

Julie Austin

Finishing up a 2nd book, launching Indie Sponsor, and working with an Internet TV series and radio show to get them sponsorship.

Monserrate Pagan Jr

@ Julie careful in LA they bite

Alfred Nesser

"Secret Angel"

Steve Crawford

If you know of any--please send them my way.---thanks---Steve

Manina Lassen

I am writing a novel this year about four generations of a family, their love, drama and adventures, with quirky and supernatural elements

Lillian A. Nader

Sounds intriguing. All the best with your book!

Jo Ann Teresa Mason

This year I will be working on a web series based on a short story set in medieval Wales, still in development right now. WIll soon be looking for local (Fayetteville NC area)cast and crew to begin filming in the spring, finances allowing. Also I hope to finish the paranormal/romance novel I started last year about a troubled teen who is sent to live with her maternal grandparents in a little village high in the Austrian Alps and the mysterious history prof., descended from the Tudor family,with a huge and dangerous secret, with whom she ultimately falls in love. As well as land a part in an upcoming production here in Fayetteville.

Summer Mroch-Ronso

This year I am working on my first original screenplay. I am fighting with the ideas I have in my head and my ability to put them on paper. I will get there though(hopefully). I want to do as much as I can directing wise. I want to get my hands in as much as I can.

Irene Leonardou

Hi Benn (great idea!), hi everyone! My 2014 project is to work on my new screenplay and to promote successfully those who Ι have already finished. I wish everyone a Happy and Creative New Year!

David A. Barak

I'm working on a drama script that I'm hoping to shoot this year - if all the pieces fall into place. Production is a bit complex, but the story is good. They say there are no new stories, but this comes close.

Josh Mitchell

In honor of the Sundance Film Festival - I have released my new short film "The Corruption of Kidiya Kitts". The story of Kidiya Kitts revolves around a young basketball prodigy whose life gets turned upside down by a calculating seductress. At the ripe age of 20, not only is Kidiya Kitts the NBA's projected number one draft pick -- he is also the one young black man who can lead the troubled league back to the promised land. Watch it here and please share the link on your social media -

Tony Cella

A feature comedy screenplay, a found footage horror film and this:

Clipper Ordiway

Man... you don't want to see me in a bathing suit. :-)

James ( Jp) P Spear III

Degree in Film Production Management, have GREAT Ideas and MOTIVATED! Let me know if you need help?

Daren Allen Seifert

My first project will be an animation I've been working on. It's very dreamlike and has elements of cubism. It almost has the appearance of not being finished even in the scenes that are finished. It will be my greatest animation I've done yet.

Monserrate Pagan Jr

@Daren - I would like to do some animation projects - in the near future - would you mind telling me how long you have been doing animation -what program you use and how long is the learning curve - I know there are some free programs but would learning on them slow me down - or just go ahead and purchase a solid program. Thanks for any information you can provide.

Daren Allen Seifert

I learned it all by trial and error. At first I just used a series of green screened photographs that were looped. This will be my first animation and I'm using After Effects. Before I was using Final Cut Pro, but after effects really makes animation easier especially with the "Puppet" tool.

Daren Allen Seifert

For an example of the looped green screened photographs I was talking about check out my short under my reels named "Junk".

Marc Baron

my 2014 project is a feature comedy about geeks, the lotto and the mob called MEGABALL$. We're raising funds, looking for investors, building our package while building our audience.

Tressa Sanders

I'm shooting. "A Kiss", a film noir, crime drama set in 1944 on B&W film in January of 2015 but spending all of 2014 preparing, promoting and fundraising for it.

Doug Nelson

Hey T - what do you mean on "B&W film"? Are you talking real film (like 16mm) or digital? I really miss the film days.

Tressa Sanders

Real 16mm film. :) I recently switched from digital film. I have a freezer full of film and it's ready for action. :)

Doug Nelson

Ah my hero. I really miss my old clockwork H15 Bolex and I remember well the many long hours at the flat bed editor.

Tressa Sanders

I really enjoy the process. I have 2 Bolex Rex 5s, a Rex 4 with a custom blimp and an Arriflex now. Film equipment is very affordable now since folks are doing digital. Lucky for me. :D

Mark E Clason

Currently shooting a parody on Dos Equis' "The Most Interesting Man In The World".

Marcelo Dietrich

I'm 2 weeks out from directing my short I wrote entitled "The Horologist." and am in pre-pro. for a feature I'll be directing in Az & Kansas in August. Follow "The Horologist." here:

David Thrasher

I am proceeding with a project I've started which is an animated film called "The Little Match Girl". It is an adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story of the same name but with differences. The original story is only about a page or two long. I've fleshed out the story and made some adjustments to it and expect to end up with about an 11 minute movie. I've begun the process of storyboarding the movie and am planning to use that to create an animatic which I hope to use to draw talent and funding. That should keep me busy for awhile.

P.I. Barrington

Are you trying to kill me David? When I was a child that story made me cry hysterically, LOL! No joke! I can't believe someone's going to actually make it into a film (I've never heard of anyone) animation or otherwise! Best of luck on it!!

David Thrasher

Not trying to kill you. I'll have to let natural causes cause that one. "The Little Match Girl" is a story that has stuck in my mind for years but the question has been how to make it without it being a depressing dirge. That has been the problem that I've seen in the other versions I've read about. The story is definitely a tragedy but I think I've found a way to insert a note of hope into the story without betraying its resolution or its purpose. I can't say much more than that. I'd prefer that people view the finished movie and discover for themselves how I went about solving this problem.

Andre Hunt

Disney made an animated version.

Sandramaria Brook

Butoh performance in August 2014 in Portugal

P.I. Barrington

Excellent David! I will definitely check it out! And thank you for the info Andre!

Benn Flore

I posted the first question in this discussion. Let me be number 100 too. Just for fun. I have read all the other posts. It is promising to see some project developing into production, but on the other hand it is scaring how much effort goes into projects without a clue of audience.., which partly goes for me too. Lucky for me, my third novel will translated and published in America, Canada and England, allthough it did not sell well in Holland. But in the field of filmmaking I made a job in pitching, but never got further than three time a requested script 'Just Divorced, or how to rob the Mafia'. Hard labour, just for fun.

David Thrasher

Yes, Disney did make an animated version of "The Little Match Girl" and others have made versions of the story, both animated and live action. I believe the Disney version is available as an extra on one of their animated features but I can't recall which one. I've read story descriptions of several versions, including the Disney one, but have made it a point not to watch them as I did not want to be influenced by them in the making of my take on the story. One thing to note about the Disney version. They certainly didn't go to any great lengths to inform the public of its existence. They made more of an effort with such shorts as "Paperman" and "Get a Horse!". This leads me to believe that for whatever reasons (it was too depressing for a typical Disney release or it was unsatisfactory for some other reason), that there was something about it to make them not promote it. I'll watch it eventually along with others but for now I would like to get my own vision of the story out there.

Mark E Clason
Mark E Clason

I've put the endless stream of auditions for acting on hold. Now, I'm writing/directing/producing shorts for my local audience, trying to kick start a "film ministry" at my church. So far, I've shot 3 scenes for my first short. Principal photography should be complete by the end of April, editing in May, release in June. We'll see.

Sandramaria Brook Is my project for 2014

Patrick W. Phillips is my project for 2014. We're trying to pitch an unconventional animated feature to Disney. It's got a female lead who isn't pencil thin and tries to tackle tougher topics like war among other different-for-Disney facets.

KaiCarra Kc

Sounds we have a strong woman role model ,modeling its ok to speak up, even when we discouraged to do so u

Patrick W. Phillips

Thank you KaiCara!

Alfred Nesser

Establish 501(c)(3)

Kate Powers

Developing a new Performing, Visual & Fine Arts center in my area AND my Reality Competition Show is being independently produced!

Aze Director

I am currently working on 3 short films and 1 web series .

Brandon Koots

Working on scripts to make short film with my friends here

P.I. Barrington

My new sci-fi adventure/romance novel, The Brede Chronicles Book One, has a gorgeous cover is in production with my publisher for a June 18 release date! That's what I'll be working on and promoting this year! Just curious, does anyone here ever review books?

Sten Ryason

Working on a screenplay about a dysfunctional family that starts with a murder and ends with a suicide (happy, I know). The other project is a political documentary (or non-fiction book, I can't quite decide yet - maybe it'll have to be both), all about the various undemocratic folks our government supported during the 20th century. Satirical, angry.

Varun Prabhu

I had started writing a fantasy drama book series last year. I want to polish the first of the series and write it in teleplay format. I also am writing a paranormal novel which I look forward to publish. I am collaborating on a horror project (TV) with a writer which I intend to sell....

David Rountree

Happy to say that I have 2 films coming to theaters in 2014. We appreciate any and all support. Thanks. CUT!: 108 Stitches:

Deana Moody

Book Signing and hopefully a movie

P.I. Barrington

The Brede Chronicles adaptation to screenplay. Older novel to be adapted as well.

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