Anything Goes : Where are all my fellow fantasy writers? by Christopher Poet

Christopher Poet

Where are all my fellow fantasy writers?

Hay guys! I am in a mood to binge through loglines and stuff! I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre so if you got anything you want me to read, drop a comment and I will check your profile out!

Off that topic, tell me something you love about the Fantasy Genre and something you Dislike about it!

Here is my take:

What I love: The endless potential in world-building. My mentor from ages ago had made a lot of effort in encouraging me to explore just how far I could build or develop what I was writing. From his words, any material can have an infinite potential in storytelling if you are willing to stick with it and develop it. The journey through such a process has been enlightening and amazing.

Something I dislike: You know that moment when the hero of the story uproots and destabilizes and the entire governmental body? Anyone else frustrated how often the aftermath of this moment is glossed over and treated as a happy ending? I will never fully understand why people (and this is not just in terms of Feature films, but TV shows and books do this too) skip over the aftermath of governmental collapse. At least Hunger Games made an attempt to show some effort to reformation lol. Not to mention that such an event opens up a lot of storytelling potential all on its own.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Christopher Poet! I also like fantasy, but in all its forms, including Sliding Doors and Penelope. Have you tried posting this in the Screenwriting ( or Filmmaking Lounges ( as well? Let's get a conversation going about the fantasy genre there, too!

Christopher Poet

Karen "Kay" Ross I did post in the screenwriting lounge. In fact, that is where it is getting all the attention xD

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