Anything Goes : A question on web series by Gavion E. Chandler

Gavion E. Chandler

A question on web series

I know we as artists look for exposure and getting our work known, but hopefully down the line it will lead to some sort of monetary gain. As an artist I sell prints, as playwright I try to get my work produced or sell a script, as a novelist I will gain royalty compensation, but in a Web series how do you gain monetary compensation for your art and your time and work? I am considering this for my plays, just to get them out there in the public eye, but is there way to actually make some money doing this? Gavion E. Chandler~ 'Man is his own devil.'

Bill Beatts

The analogy is with any form of advertising or marketing project. You get 24/7 coverage 365 days a year throughout the entire globe with no additional cost. The profit comes in making it to be sold...simples!!

Dustin Sweet

YouTube has monitization process (sp?) that is fairly straightforward and well documented. My marketing friends say you don't want to turn commercials on too soon, and that you want to keep clips online in the 5-10 minute range. Good luck!

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