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Acting Workshops/Classes

Is there a specific area on the site for advertisements about acting workshops or classes? I'd really like to hone my talent!

Andrew Mondia

I can recommend Anthony Meindl who has a studio setup in London. Or read his book At Left Brain Turn Right. I took a workshop in LA with him and he is amazing. Did recently come to London for a weekend intensive and will come again.

Ciara Sherry

okay great, thanks for the advice :D

Andrew Mondia

Treisa any reason why you posted link? I clicked and nothing happened.

Treisa Gary

I'll investigate that Andrew, thanks for letting me know. ;-))

Anne-Marie Caluwaert

This place is also interesting - The Actors Temple offers free membership too this month!free-studio-membership/c1u67

Amanda Toney

A great place to check would be the promotion lounge here on Stage 32. Lots of great offers in there! Best wishes :)

Suzanne Bronson

You can subscribe to Anthony Meindl's youtube channel. I love it.

Ciara Sherry

Great idea Suzanne!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Also, definitely check out some of our webinars :)

Doris Chu

Los Angeles Actors Helping Actors donation. Books up fast.

Deryn Warren

Please check out my LA class for working professionals where you learn a perfect audition technique, you work on great material four times a night (actors should want to do that) and you learn how to make exciting choices that make you stand out. I want my actors to use charm and humor and vitality. I am a film and theater director and I can tell you that auditions are boring to watch. My students to light up the room. Read a chapter of my book, HOW TO MAKE YOUR AUDIENCE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU, on or Amazon. I love actors who read. The book is recommended by Harvard, UCLA and the head of HBO casting said, "I wish that every actor who auditioned for me had read this book first." Call me to talk. You can reach me through the website

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