Anything Goes : Agent and Manager by Monserrate Pagan Jr

Monserrate Pagan Jr

Agent and Manager

It seems that everyone has an agent and manager can anyone give details on what each one does and why you need both just curious how others view these two positions

Rosalind Winton

Hi Monserrate - an agent is someone who understand the client's career, knows their talents and skills and can market the client in order to find work for the client. A Manager deals with things like the client's finances, legal and business affairs and the such like.

Monserrate Pagan Jr

Thank you Rosalind always wondered about that since I can't afford either one I guess I don't have to worry about ti LOL

Bob Harper

Actually an Agent and Manager can be a lot closer in what they do. An gent searches for jobs for their clients while a manager can do that, they often cultivate their clients careers. A talent manager or agent will do their work for a percentage (usually 10%) . A business or personal manager will do finances,legal etc. for a fee.

Monserrate Pagan Jr

Thanks Bob great information there

Juliez Frazier

In this business you NEED to have one or the other, for the legitimate casting breakdown that only an agent/manager has access to, to boost your career!

Raymond Phranchiz

That really great to know, they are non-existent here in upstate New York. Would anyone know a good agent for a cinematographer like myself?

Regina Lee

I hate to be so reductive... In "Hollywood," talent agents and talent managers (not the business managers that Bob Harper rightly referred to) perform largely the same roles, despite state laws that indicate differences between the two. Practically speaking, they really do pretty much the same thing. However, you should note that agents typically have a much longer client list than managers. Typically, agencies are larger companies than management firms. Typically, agents have a much wider range of information than anyone else does because the agency takes a "divide and conquer" approach to "covering" every financier in town. Thus typically, the agent can help his clients strategize because they know what is going on all over town, whereas, the manager (with his shorter client list and smaller company) can spend more time with his clients on a day-to-day basis. Just like real estate agents, talent agents are typically more transactional than managers, and just like real estate agents, they work on commission (with no upfront fees). I would tell new talent entering the business to try to have both, but many newbies start with a manager. That said, in the voiceover or commercial world, for example, it's a largely agent-based business.

Monserrate Pagan Jr

Thank you Regina that is very helpful

Regina Lee

No worries.

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