Anything Goes : How to best use Stage 32 to source experienced, professional U.S. and international crews. by Pete Kaiman

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Pete Kaiman

How to best use Stage 32 to source experienced, professional U.S. and international crews.

We're new to Stage 32. One of our biggest challenges over the past few years has been sourcing experienced, professional U.S. based and international crews. We've used shops that find freelance talent for our remote shoots, but we like a more personal touch where we can meet people and learn more about them before locking in contracts. Any thoughts on how Stage 32 can help? In order to find top talent do we use the "Jobs" tab? Or go to the "Lounge"? Thanks for reading.

Jody Yvette Wirt

posting jobs would be the obvious tactic, but I feel if you want a more personal touch, you should just hunt for people on stage32 who meet your qualifications and contact them directly. Personally, I don't look at the jobs because I'm not looking for a job! But I have been contacted about a number of things and I always respond.

Pete Kaiman

Cool, thanks for the comment Jody. I haven't messed around with the search functions on the site, but I'll take a look.

Andrew Sobkovich

I would imagine that a posting in the “Jobs” section may get lots of responses. You will have to sort through them looking for the knowledge and quality level you are after. There is another way you might utilize Stage 32. Go the the “Lounge” section related to the skills you are looking for in people and spend a half hour reading. The people who write in to share and help says a lot, what they say will tell you about themselves and their knowledge is usually quite apparent within a couple of posts. Write down the names of who you wish to talk to, then send them private messages to open a dialog. Initially a more round about approach but in reality just a different initial method of vetting that you will have to do anyway.

Amanda Toney

You can do both. Definitely post in the JOBS section, but if you're reading through the lounge and come across an individual you think may have the right fit for your project, it's encouraged to start up a conversation and see if there is mutual interest in working on said project. Good luck! :)

Shane M Wheeler

I'd recommend looking into (or starting) a local meet up. It may not source directly what you're looking for quickly (unsure of the time frame on your commitments, projects, etc.), but can be an excellent way to build relationships.

Georgia Hilton

I feel your pain... I've been looking at IMDB, LINKED IN, STAFF ME UP, and simply word-of-mouth...

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