Anything Goes : How to connect? by Clifford McKinney

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Clifford McKinney

How to connect?

I am trying to connect with other people that are local to me. There are several people here on Stage 32, but they either don't respond or do not seem interested in actually trying to meet up to network or collaborate. So I'm assuming the problem lies with me, either my approach or something I'm missing. Could someone make some suggestions on how to get people together?

Simon © Simon

I use Yahoo Meetups for film makers in my area. I use 32 as a place to park my reels and hope to network. I was recently told that the private emails I send is the idea behind these SM sites. Instead, you are to post your email as a post, as networking and follow up. Where then MAYBE someone in your area might see your thought direction and want to reach out. FWIW Me? I am trying to get in the groove of that as I am good at follow up not keen on making it public. Hope it pans out.

Clifford McKinney

I have posted in meetups section a few times, this last time I have actually gotten a small response. I hope it leads to meeting others that will get projects off the ground. Mine, theirs, doesn't matter.

Amanda Toney

You should definitely watch On Stage With RB, found under EDUCATION on the menu bar. He goes over all the information you need to know on networking on Stage 32. It will be very helpful to you! :)

Clifford McKinney

Thanks Shannon, I'll check it out when I get home.

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