Screenwriting : I'm looking for an LA-based writing parter... by Andrew Oliveri

Andrew Oliveri

I'm looking for an LA-based writing parter...

I'm a filmmaker who has done very little fictional writing of my own. However I am developing two stories presently. I'm looking for someone with more screen writing experience. At the moment one of the stories is most likely a short...probably shorter than one hour. The other story idea may be a feature or it may be a multi episodic series of 8 or 10 episodes ...not unlike format of the True Detective series - I'm still discovering the story and which format will be tell the story. Please let me know if you have the experience, time and talent to collaborate with an inexperienced fiction writer...or at least have conversation with me about the possibility. Best regards, Andrew

Samantha Mann

I wouldn't mind collaborating, but I'm in AZ

Monique Mata

Hi Andrew, you should visit the Stage 32 Meetups page. Looks like there's a couple of LA groups that meet regularly, and probably a few screenwriters in those groups :)

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