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Majid Saghir Malik

Looking for an Agent

Hi good people of Stage 32. I am relatively new to this site and was wondering if someone can help me. I am a screenwriter and live in London, UK. I have written a comedy screenplay and wanted to know what is the best way to proceed further and look for representation in Hollywood. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

D Marcus

One way to look for representation in Hollywood is to research agents, target the top 50 you feel are most open to accepting new clients and send query letters. Perhaps the "best" way to look for representation in Hollywood is to look for representation in London and have your local manager use their connections to find an agent is Hollywood. You do have more than just the one screenplay, right?

Majid Saghir Malik

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. Yes, I do have more than one screenplay.

Gav Elias

Hi. You had much luck with this? I live in Cardiff and looking for the same. I have a few TV pilot ideas scripted but my main interest is films. I have written a couple that I have shelved to revisit but am in the middle of working on what I am fairly certain will be my best work and, in my opinion, good enough to make it :) However, just looking for agents or representation and how to go about it. I mainly write in the gritty crime style and have no idea where to start beyond basic Google searches and then digging from there. Any help to get up the ladder quicker will be better :)

Steve Tomas Fecske

There are many of us in this position but from everything I've heard or have been told the key right now is to find a lower level producer to read your script. There are producers and companies that will read your screenplay without a solicitation. A good book to use to find these kinds of companies is Hollywood Screenwriting Directory. The other thing to do is enter into contests and attend pitchfests and just spend time on stage 32 and post on inktips. You never know where that break is going to come fron so you just have to keep plugging away. By the way it might be easier to find a manager than an agent. Agents usually don't get involved with first time writers until after they have a company that requests a script. Good luck.

Majid Saghir Malik

Thanks buddy, I appreciate your comments.

Ken Koh

start with Hollywood Screenwriting Directory

P. Alan Richards

Contact small production companies to pitch your script to. If they will read it and more important option it, agents will be willing to talk to you. Ask yourself why would anyone want to represent you? Small production companies will take your phone call. I would also recommend making contact with small companies in the UK. If anyone believes your script is a winner, they will contact people that they know in the UK, US, and elsewhere. Hollywood is not the only place where deals and movies are made.

Joseph J Kremsky

Fade-In Pitch fest is coming up on August 1. It is a one on one pitch to agencies, producers, and management companies operating in Hollywood.

Frances Macaulay Forde

I am always baffled by this constant need to send to Hollywood? The most important thing you can do is build a network at home, volunteer to work on film sets making coffee, offer to type up script changes, volunteer for local film-makers. They're always working on a 'Zero' budget. Let those people read your script. If you get it 'out there' to be read and talked about, and if your script is good - Hollywood will find you.

D Marcus

No need to be baffled, Frances. Your suggestions are great. However, many writers do not have a network of filmmakers at home. There are many areas in the world where there is not a vibrant local film community. Many zero budget filmmakers don't have the time or the interest to read scripts from other writers - they more often than not are writing their own. Since earning a living as a screen writer is the goal of many screenwriters learning how to sent scripts there seems quite natural. I agree with your that building a network at home is important, but not the most important for all writers.

Gav Elias

True D Marcus. And it is not just the places without an industry either that Frances' suggestions are difficult in. I live in Cardiff, Wales, the home of globally successful TV franchises like the revived Dr Who and Sherlock. However, the TV industry here is entirely dominated by BBC Wales and it is a very enclosed and walled community that can be virtually impossible to penetrate. The BBC also have a rule and timetable now in relation to accepting unsolicited scripts and will only read certain genres at certain times (details can be found on BBC Writers Room website pages).Anything outside of this that is unsolicited gets automatically dismissed/rejected. Therefore, even having a bustling TV scene doesn't necessarily simplify the process at all for most screenwriters looking for their break, even though Frances' suggestion are hypothetically good if they do work for you.

Lina Jones

Good luck Majid

Majid Saghir Malik

Thank you Lina. I appreciate it.

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