Animation : Question about finding a Still Animation Drawing Artist. by James A. Groneman

James A. Groneman

Question about finding a Still Animation Drawing Artist.

Hi im a bit inexperienced when it comes to finding an artist. While there is tons upon tons of artist out there i can't seem to find one to work with in the style i need and if its not that, its someone who lacks professionalism and if its not that, it's to expensive to work with. i've been working the last 2 years to get some still animations for an script i've been working on. I know who i want to voice the actors, how to edit it and everything else, the problem i keep coming to is where can i find an artist who will work within a time slot, be able to understand the style and be able to work on a pilot until i can get a project backing from a group. Issue is i'm as about rich as a college student right out of college. I just dont know where to look for people who can help start the project and over time, after its backed, give them the cash flow they deserve. i know of sites like deviant but i don't wanna approach someone who requires that paycheck at that moment, its not fair to them to have to wait, i need a experienced enough artist who understands the budget and time constraint.

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