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Janet Clarke

Question re: the New Blood Contest

The New Blood Contest - looks great! But I'm trying to get an answer to a "Terms and Conditions" question before submitting - hopefully for the early bird. And darn it, there doesn't seem to be an "ask the question" link anywhere on that page. (Either that, or I'm blind. Which is possible, too.) Understandably, there's an "I agree to the terms and conditions of Stage 32" check box on the submission page. But if you go to Stage 32's Terms and Conditions, there's various text - excerpted below. Knowing how such legalese works, I'm sure that it's meant to only apply to posts, comments, etc. But it could be interpreted to include submitted scripts. So, can anyone confirm that the New Blood contest submissions remain the sole ownership of the writers, with no rights conferred to Stage 32? Thx in advance for any info... :) ****** "Content" shall mean text, photographic works, sound recordings, music, audio works, videos, Audiovisual Works, audiovisual combinations, haptic works, software, scripts, graphics, interactive features, and other materials that may accessed in, at, on, from, or through, the Website, or via the Service. License To Use Your Content. Company may provide, without any obligation to do so, the authorization and means for You to post or otherwise provide comments and/or other Content to Stage 32. If so, You hereby grant to the Company and its Stage 32™ trademark licensor, a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license ("Content License") to copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, disseminate, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform, and otherwise use, by any and all means now known or hereinafter invented, all of Your Content that You upload, submit, or otherwise provide to, Stage 32™ and/or Company, including without limitation, via submission to the Website or by any other means ("Licensed Rights"). Modification Of This Agreement. The Company reserves the right, in Company's sole discretion, to modify, revise, add to, delete from, and otherwise change, this Agreement at any time, and You hereby agree to be bound by such changes.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Have no fear! New Blood contest submissions remain the sole ownership of the writer :)

Janet Clarke

Julie - thanks!! I figured as much. But legalese can always be such a challenge to wade through! :)))

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