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Willy Adkins

Stage 32 feature suggestion: screenplays

For quite awhile now, I have been back and forth about how I feel about, however I do have to say they have been improving over time. Today, I thought I would make a post to suggest something that could be very helpful for producers seeking scripts and of course very beneficial for writers looking to option / sell / get scripts produced... Its very simple... Stage 32 has the "Jobs" tab to seek out job listings posted by individuals, why not have a way to browse Loglines? The way I see it, most of the work is already done. Everyone has the ability to add loglines along with scripts and synopsis's to their profile page under the loglines tab.. Why is this not something made beneficial?? Could stir many screenwriters here from other sites like inktip...

Gary Bullock

Willy, I absolutely agree. I have a screenplay (doesn't everyone?) based on the true story of a hero of the Civil War, from east Tennessee. I myself am from Elizabethton, but have lived all over. Welcome to the mountains!

Mark Elliot

Ouch. You posted this 4 weeks ago and you have only two comments? You are DEAD ON. This site will only be a drive by curiosity until it becomes more useful.

CJ Walley

It's something I'd like to see too. Maybe with some nice view filters that can sort by genre, views, and likes, plus an option to only show scripts that have the full screenplay attached. Then maybe bring in short, feature, and episode variations of the nodes.

Helena Ellison

Great idea, and especially if it's filtered like CJ said. For anyone looking for a script it would be a dream to be able to easily search based on genre, budget, number of locations and characters etc and as a result get a list of log lines for stories that fit that specific budget or genre.

Laurie Ashbourne

First, lets remember this site is not solely dedicated to screenwriters -- though it's the best place for one to be. I say that because despite it being much broader in scope than just screenwriting, it has helped more writers get their material in the hands of powerful decision makers than Ink Tip has. Writers are getting signed, optioned, meetings, etc. so let's not forget that. Websites like this are a beast on the back end and one search algorithm can throw a huge thorn in the gears. So it may seem simple but I'm sure it would take a ton of work to implement. I'd suggest in the meantime, if producers are looking for material, post something in jobs and/or the screenwriting lounge -- asking for loglines. This site is constantly evolving, but ultimately it's unique and useful aspects come from the users themselves, working it -- to great results, I may add. Not bad for being FREE for everyone, something else it does much better than inktip.

Willy Adkins

I have produced 11 screenplays that I was easily able to find on inktip... I haven't been able to easily locate a single one here on Stage32 yet... Simply put, I don't have a simple way to locate what I am looking for. The lounge doesn't get the views I would need to find the right script, and honestly I know it isn't dedicated to screenwriters... It is for all parts of the process, but I really feel the site is more neglecting the screenwriters. I can find everything else I need with simple searches / jobs here.. but when it comes to me having $ in my pocket ready to option a script, I can not find it here even tho I'm sure it exists on this site somewhere. Its just very sad and one of many reasons that I very rarely visit this site. (first time here since making this post a month ago).

Laurie Ashbourne

Willy, what would you search for, a genre, a location? If you are truly looking for material, $ in hand, why not post what you are looking for under paid jobs? You would get loglines specific to your request, delivered to your inbox. Better yet, join that large roster of producers aligned with the happy writers section on the site and hear full pitches, As a writer, your concern is appreciated, but honestly this site is THE best place for a screenwriter to be. and I can't help but believe that if you took these avenues to find material you would not be so frustrated.

Willy Adkins

Not at all frustrated, I have access to everything I need elsewhere... I'm only here once a month.. maybe... I just know the site could be of more value to screenwriters... Many producers (like myself) are not always looking for a mess of emails in their inbox (I produce 9 festivals a year, I get over 3k emails a day already to sort).. I like to "Shop".. And that is something I can do on inktip that I can't do here.. I can't search for a genre / budget / number of locations / characters / nothing... I'm not always looking for something specific, I'm looking for something that catches my eye in a certain genre for a certain budget... simply posting this forum post has got me several various pitches & emails that are nothing I need or want to produce. It becomes and inconvenience. You can add loglines to your page, but it doesn't do any good if producers have no way to find it... "Jobs" you can search for everything need otherwise in great detail.. but you can't shop screenplays.

Mark Elliot

Well stated Willie. You can find it elsewhere. Which in the Stage32 universe, is EXACTLY the point. Not to change the subject, but, hell, I am changing the subject... Don't worry, I don't have a screenplay. I do, however, have a book....

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