Anything Goes : Thoughts on screenwriting class given by Corey Mandell by Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor

Thoughts on screenwriting class given by Corey Mandell

Hello everyone. I'm considering taking Corey Mandell's online screenwriting class. It's supposed to help one become a more intuitive and conceptual writer. I'm concerned about the cost, though. Has anyone on Stage32 taken his course and would you mind telling me of your experiences with this? Thanks you guys.

Michael Hager

I have not. I've taken ScreenwritingU classes and they were very affordable and substantial.

Veronica Taylor

I've heard of ScreenwritingU. :-) I've taken several online classes through The Writers Store and I've signed up for Corey's classes. I'm so excited--my classes begin in January. I was unsure--because money's hard to come by--LOL--but I looked at his script Metropolis and I said I WANT to write like that. LOL I'll let you know, if you want me to, about the classes, when I'm done. There are eight classes in all.

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