Read a Good Book Lately? : Have you read this life-transforming book ? by Hans Dholakia

Hans Dholakia

Have you read this life-transforming book ?

Can you imagine a spiritual classic that is as unputdownable as a gripping novel ? It is 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. A hard copy would be better because on average, we already spend too many hours on the screen of one kind or the other, but here is a free download anyways : Spirituality isn't about being outwardly religious, it's about how you behave. It's about peace and inner wellness (which engenders outer well-being). It's about loving and caring - without being too attached or possessive. It's about being sincere without being too serious, it's about being active yet calm. This book has transformed lives of millions globally, and continues to do so. The global spiritual organization that the author, Paramahansa Yogananda, founded, is headquartered at Mt. Washington, LA. The website is Happy reading ...

Bev Oliver

I read some chapters at the Self-Realization Fellowship Mother Center at Mt. Washington. I'm reading his booklet The Law of Success. . . again.

Hans Dholakia

That's great, Bev. I suggest another small booklet, 'How You Can Talk With God' . But, of course, 'Autobiography of a Yogi' is the masterpiece and I had shared in my post a link for free download of the soft copy ( A hard copy is also easily available - in 30 languages ! Happy reading and namaste - Hans

Jeff Kaminski

I really enjoyed Autobiography, Lake Shrine is such a wonderful place to visit. "Awake" is a pretty good film as well.

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