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Kerin Freeman

Hello from New Zealand

I'm a writer, my second book, a biography 'The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl', has just been released by Pen & Sword, UK. The Earl, Jack Howard, was born into the House of Howard, a very wealthy and most powerful family that had the ears of the King, and Queen , in Tudor and Elizabethan times. Jack Howard grew to be a very unique, colourful man, much like his ancestors. At the beginning of WWII he was sent to Paris to bring back to Britain all the heavy water in the world. After that mission succeeded rather brilliantly, he went into bomb disposal, armed with his top honours degree in pharmacology - his interest lay in poisons and explosives. He developed a method of defusing bomb that saved the life of many. My book can be seen on: My current project is another true story about a young man from Liverpool, who came to New Zealand looking for a better life in the early 1950s. Two years later he was hanged for what was basically an accident, plus being made a scapegoat for the country's 1950s wilful teenage delinquents. The conservative, repressed, government of the day was sending a strong message to its youth. I love Stage32, it's a really great place to meet wonderful, creative people.

The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl
The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl
Charles 'Jack' Henry George Howard, GC, 20th Earl of Suffolk & Berkshire, born into the noble formidable House of Howard, possessed extraordinary courage. Jack became...

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