Read a Good Book Lately? : Hi there! by Serita Stevens

Serita Stevens

Hi there!

I've been on Stage32 for sometime now and I love it, esp Joey and the Happy Writers Group. As an established writer of books, scripts, adaptations, etc, I also teach. My newest book, The Ultimate Writers Workbook For Books And Scripts can be found in stores or on line. You can learn more about it at Let me know if I can help you with anything. I will be speaking at a Los Angeles Conference Feb 20-22 about the difference in writing scripts vs books. For more info and a discount go here:

Chris H Stevenson

I just finished a female Iron Man and I think it's going to work out just fine. My agent loves it and says it's the next one out for major submission.

Serita Stevens

That's fabulous!!

Kimite Cancino

Hi. Im 18yo, from South Africa. I love this site since I joined a year ago, and just love following all the good comments, inspiring blogs and amazing talented ppl on here who inspire me everyday with my own talents. Joey and crew are our heroes for creating this page. I published my first book through Xlibris USA, and then soon after, I started my making my own short films as a hobby. I keep reading that many ppl have agents who believe in their talents, and help their careers. I want this also, but dont know how or where to look. How do I find out, and what do you suggest. I feel Im wasting my talents, as not many people know about me, and I know I can achieve much more. Im always willing to learn new things. I do my own book covers/editing/writing, and with films, I do my own scripts/filming/editing and post production. Im a one man team, but I want a mentor, or an agent who I can work with and trust. USA seems to be the capital of talent and help, and I wish I was living there instead. :)

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