Read a Good Book Lately? : POLICE SLANG by Charles "Charlie" Harris by Debbie Croysdale

Debbie Croysdale

POLICE SLANG by Charles "Charlie" Harris

HEY This not a book for a read but a book for any screenplay with UK based crime "Investigations" involved. I stumbled across this little number cos someone sent it me as a gift. If your protagonist has enemies and is framed to be interviewed by police, or police are protagonists, this the inner circle gift of gab.

Jan Walters

Book looks interesting. I'll have to check it out.

Andrew G. Nelson

What an interesting concept. This has long been a pet-peeve of mine, especially in books dealing with the NYPD. The reality is that just about every police agency has their own terminology and it really shows how much (or how little) effort a writer puts in to the story when they get it wrong.

Debbie Croysdale

Hi Jan and Andrew. Hope you managed to get hold of book. Its printed by small publishing house and I found it my pitch fest London 2017. If you have difficulty getting hold of it let me know and I can photocopy for pdf. Andrew this subject is one of my pet peeves too. People use the term lightly "The Police" like its their own household friend or some personal force at their beck and call whenever they get pissed off about someone who has offended them. Like you say they have their own terminology, thoughts, feelings and agenda. Screenwriters need to hit the nail on the head when depicting the true and formidable characters in this office of the law , instead of "The Police."

Matthew Rigdon

If you're righting in this vein, here's another great book that I came across years ago. The author has been in law enforcement for decades. He isn't a fiction writer, but has done a lot of consulting. It's a book about how movies and TV almost always get criminals wrong.

Violence: A Writer's Guide Second Edition

by Amazon Digital Services LLC

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