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Thanks to Shawn Speakes input here around nine months ago, I started to read James Patterson, the last one being "The Post Card Killers". (A book he co wrote with a Scandinavian author). This twist of fate turned me into a Detective Novel Junkie. Prior to this I hadn't picked up a fiction read in years, because I got caught up in screenplays and life's other many traps. Then went on to Lars Keplar and the Joona Linna Detective series. The Fire Witness. (Really a married couple of writers who use this name.) Then I went onto Chris Carters Detective Robert Hunter series and read Crucifix Killer. Today I've just picked up Sharon Boltons book, Dead Scared. Don't get me wrong, there are many poxy detective scenarios, but these individual writers add a third dimension when they take you into their particular world. I didn't read the whole series with Chris Carter and Lars Keplar, six shots of visceral was enough, but I read most of James Pattersons. I've just discovered Thomas Pynchon, currently just started Bleeding Edge, this style has Charisma and it's a different style to anything I've read so far. He kind of speaks how some of us may think, but don't actually say, probably out of forced politeness. I've only read a couple of bits in the cafe but already know the ride will be a good one. LOL

Debbie Croysdale

Adding to above The Book Dead Scared interests me for a couple of reasons. Sharon Boltons descriptive passages give a feel of reality and draw me into the prevailing atmosphere. A loner in a kind of a way, Lacey Flint is the undercover policewoman playing detective in an elite society in which a seedy underbelly has taken hold. The so called suicides at Cambridge all suffer a sinister psychological torture, before their capture and actual deaths. Lacey's undercover is becoming a student herself, and the fear intensifies as the victims are found in more horrendous states. Lacy herself tells the story as she pitches her wits against an unknown Machiavellian antagonist. The other book I like for different reasons. Bleeding Edge by Thomas Pynchon. A more dense and complex read, where the plots are multi layered. To be honest I did not pick up this book because of the story. The story is vaguely intriguing about the early noughties when internet gave the worlds criminals a new toy. New York City is on the cusp of change, there is a more powerful vortex than mans intervention, it can suck you in and do what it wants. The NET does not interest me ......THAT ASIDE I got interested in the authors style of writing, I just love his take on life and enjoy his scintillating mode of thought. I'm not alone in my thoughts. SUNDAY TIMES. "Scintillating screwball dialogue and a typical host of weird zany and deprived characters."

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