Read a Good Book Lately? : The Formula of Success by Dr Barabazi by Charles Baldwin

Charles Baldwin

The Formula of Success by Dr Barabazi

Research on how successful people get there, and stay there. Also, and extremely helpful when daunting challenges come your way and people say NO, or NOT GOOD ENOUGH. because some of the research goes into how being a judge or judgmental may not be an accurate representation of you or your work. He discusses wine tasting judges, for example, and was able to show that wine tasting judges aren't very accurate. This helped me mentally with finding work and finding Stage 32. Everyone that says no, doesn't really take the time to find out if my skills are what they really need or not. Applicant tracking systems aren't very good, so many HR departments dismiss people (judge you) and then move on to someone else.

Also realize the new word for nepotism is networking. And so quite often HR departments have someone in mind locally they prefer over you, its nothing on you.

I have been EXTREMELY relieved about finding work since reading this book, it isn't me that's being rejected, it really is that the company i applied with either doesn't want to or can't take the time to develop a rapport with you and create a successful relationship with you as a future employee.

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