Read a Good Book Lately? : #Unabashed Dork by Erik Grossman

#Unabashed Dork

I'm finally reading DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE by Edward Gibbons... I'm on Volume 2 and it really does read like an epic - one story of an empire rising and falling. So much drama!! It has the court intrigue of GAME OF THRONES, the violence of VIKINGS and even some of the romance of OUTLANDER. Just goes to show, you can't beat history!

Jeff Lyons

Yes... it's filled with lovely stories like with one Emperor who liked to paint young boys like little fish and then have them wait underwater in his pool so when he went swimming the boys could swim between his legs and nip at his genitals.

Erik Grossman

What do YOU do with your Saturdays?

Jeff Lyons

Erik--you don't want to know.

James Grant Goldin

Wasn't that Tiberius? That's in Seutonius' "Twelve Caesars," of the bases for "I, Claudius."

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