Read a Good Book Lately?

Read a good book about your craft? Or just a good book in general? Share it here.

Don Zorbas

By Robert Greene

Elaine J Jackson
The Forensic Genealogist Series by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

As a keen amateur genealogist myself, a book series detailing the exploits of a forensic genealogist with a panchant for trouble was always going to get my attention. There are eight books in the series and the subjects of Morton Farrier's research range from missing ancestors, smugglers, cold war e...

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Kobe Ono
The Definitive Guide to White People

I got this book as a joke but wound up reading every short story. Great perspectives from all sides.

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Mark Stewart

My novel is 1st in the series. Available amazon. Don't tell my secret is set in Australia. Melbourne. Is also available as an audio book. Every one has a secret. Some never tell. Others do. Set in 1944.

I need more for my TBR pile - hit me with some books!

So apart from procrastinating on social media, and home school, and book deadlines, I'm spending a lot of evenings reading. Love most genres esp crime, bit of sci-fi, humour, period dramas. Drop me a link below so I can restock my kindle ;-)

Ben Trebilcook

Hi Daisy, I’ve written four novels. All for different reasons all crime fiction. My first one, My name is not Jacob Ramsay, gained a fair bit of interest and still sells ok. It centres on a teacher wh...

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S.B. Goncarova

My book "Harnessing Light" can be found on Kindle. Here is the link:

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Mary Helen Norris
February/March Books

I love the idea of this lounge! As an avid reader, I love finding new books, both fiction and nonfiction. One of my New Year's resolutions was to read more and so far I think I've done that. So here's some books I've either started. Some I've finished, I'll put a * by them.

1. American Dirt by Jeani...

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Daisy White

Loved American Dirt! Also been reading and enjoying Her Last Lie (Amanda Brittany), (this one has just been optioned for film), The Bloodline Will (AB Morgan), The Brighton Guest House Girls (Lesley E...

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Stuart Wright

The War Of Art by Steve Pressfield is the one self-help book that truly got my head around how I approach my fiction & keep writing when the imposter syndrome looms large. It demystifies the creative...

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Kory Alexander
The Business of Television, by Ken Basin

This book was a true gamechanger for me. within a few hundred pages, Ken Basin effectively explained EVERYTHING that I had been endlessly & meticulously scouring the internet for. An absolute Must Read for any aspiring producers. If that's you, do yourself a favor, and check it out.

Every Day

Every Day is on Amazon as an excellent movie and the book is even better (what book isn't).

Randy Gottlieb
Making Movies by Sidney Lumet

I paid $49 online to meet and watch a video with a talent manager, but I can't seem to upload the video on my chromebook laptop???? I think I need some help from somebody asap

Harold Chattaway
Creativity Inc

Creativity Inc is a great book from the founder of Pixar. He discusses the history of Pixar from Lucas Film days, how Steve Jobs got involved and what has made it the premier animation house and storytelling powerhouse that it has become. Fascinating read on what it took for them to build the compan...

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Angelo Raza

I need to read that one

Karl Schmieder

That's a great book.

Leslie Rivera

Looking to read it for sure.

S.B. Goncarova

i'll be sure to check it out!

Aray Brown
I recommend The Hollywood Commandments by Devon Franklin

This is not about what it takes to be successful in Hollywood. Devon Highlights what it takes to be successful in life, regardless of the field you're in or aspiring to be in.

Cynthia Daddona

Yes, I have and love the Hollywood Commandments book, I reread it. Devon has great wisdom combined with the power of faith.

Aray Brown

yes he does Cynthia Daddona he's inspired me more than he knows. He's my virtual mentor.

David Grant
I'm on my fourth covid book, almost on my fifth.

1) Our Man in Havana, the documentary? It's about Graham Greene.

2) How the Hippies Saved Physics.

3) Smuggler's Blues

4) Tao of Physics - (currently)

5) ?

I dunno, better than trolling the Internet, and legit procrastination from writing on spec.

Sir Sway

Nice work!

Charles Baldwin
The Formula of Success by Dr Barabazi

Research on how successful people get there, and stay there. Also, and extremely helpful when daunting challenges come your way and people say NO, or NOT GOOD ENOUGH. because some of the research goes into how being a judge or judgmental may not be an accurate representation of you or your work. He...

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