Read a Good Book Lately?

Read a good book about your craft? Or just a good book in general? Share it here.

Don Zorbas
Heart of Darkness.

By Joseph Conrad. Very deep. Written like Moby Dick.

Katie Collins
Recently Finished "Sleepless in Hollywood" by Lynda Obst.

I'm looking to see if anyone else has read this title. I really enjoyed it, and I think that it was a great analysis of the practices in the film industry. It comes from the perspective of someone who has worked in film. She compares the older Hollywood practices with our more recent tendencies. I w...

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Daniel Lyddon
Turning Pro

Currently reading "Turning Pro" by Steven Pressfield - the follow up to his highly successful "The War of Art". I like how the chapters/sections are a page or less, allowing me to dip and out when I need to :)

Amanda Toney

I have a director friend that read this and loved it. Completely changed her way of thinking in a good way.

Daniel Lyddon

It's a great book - I should dip into it again soon!

Kenshara Mayo
Undertow Series

Undertow is a series by Michael Buckley. I read the Undertow series a couple of summers ago and it absolutely changed my perspective about the way I read things. And it also inspired me to be more confident in my writing. The way I wrote. What I wrote about. Why I wrote it. I love the Science Fictio...

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Katie Collins

I've been looking for a good series to read. This sounds intriguing. I will check it out, thank you for sharing!

Chris Joye
Lord of the Rings score study

My wife just got me this Lord of the Rings score study book. It looks insanely good. Looking forward to diving into it. It’s definitely one of my favorite scoresAnn's was a driving force to inspire me to write film music.

Pooya Khodadadi

I have read this and its an awesome book. You will definitely enjoy it!

Katie Collins

This looks awesome. I'll need to add it to my reading list asap!

Brian Shell
Elmore Leonard quote - "Get Shorty" - Chili Palmer

In Leonard's Get Shorty, he describes Chili Palmer, "What some women didn't go for was seeing so many movies, practically every time they went out. They would get the feeling he liked movies more than he did them."

Brian Shell

That was on pages 11-12 while Elmore provides introductory character description prior to Ray Bones walking into the barbershop after Momo dies.

Sam Borowski

I'm an expert on Chili Palmer. Just ask me sometime. ;) But for now, that's got to be it. ;)

Philip Sedgwick

Elmore lives eternal! One of the absolute best!!

Sam Borowski

Thought you'd get a kick out of this ... The Jacket John Travolta wore as Chili Palmer in Get Shorty. It's now in my collection ...

Sam Borowski

.... along with the shoes John Travolta wore as Chili Palmer in the Barber Shop scene immediately after the credits. GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH!

Artisan James
A superb read...

Decided to revisit a few chapters (primarily the ones dedicated to The Terminator & T2) although my first read-through was back in 2010... to every aspiring member -- Keep at it.

Artisan James

POSTED on July 4/ 2019

Donnie Harold Harris
America: The farewell tour. Chris Hedges

Is life without living, life at all?

Brian Shell
Tackled my "Atlas Shrugged" - finished 12/12/18

Glad to announce that I slugged my through my third pass of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" as of late last night. I first tackled it in 1993 on graveyard shift in LA. 2nd time was a listen while driving from Detroit to KC to LA to Seattle at the end of 1996 and the beginning of 1997. It was a resolutio...

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Brian Shell

BTW, that's a Circle of Friends candle-holder... kinda reminds me of S32. :-)

Lio Cloud

Hey that's my favorite book. I have no idea how many times I've read it.

Tibor Tibi Andris Halmai (Andy Halmay)

Thanks, Mate. We're celebrating today. It's queen Vicky's birthday. Nobody told our government Victoria died 118 years ago. Canucks are the laziest in the Commonwealth & just LIVE for holidays. Cheers.

Debbie Croysdale
POLICE SLANG by Charles "Charlie" Harris

HEY This not a book for a read but a book for any screenplay with UK based crime "Investigations" involved. I stumbled across this little number cos someone sent it me as a gift. If your protagonist has enemies and is framed to be interviewed by police, or police are protagonists, this the inner circle gift of gab.

Jan Walters

Book looks interesting. I'll have to check it out.

Andrew G. Nelson

What an interesting concept. This has long been a pet-peeve of mine, especially in books dealing with the NYPD. The reality is that just about every police agency has their own terminology and it real...

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Debbie Croysdale

Hi Jan and Andrew. Hope you managed to get hold of book. Its printed by small publishing house and I found it my pitch fest London 2017. If you have difficulty getting hold of it let me know and I can...

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Matthew Rigdon

If you're righting in this vein, here's another great book that I came across years ago. The author has been in law enforcement for decades. He isn't a fiction writer, but has done a lot of consulting...

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Mike Shields II
The Bible

Is the only good book I know, so the answer to your question is a resounding YES!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Connolly

Never heard of it, who wrote it?

Cell - Robin Cook

Recently finished this book. Although an older book I love his medical thrillers. This one was extremely good, since what he writes about isn't completely impossible. In fact, there is not one off his books that I did not think: "now that'll be a great movie". Definitely worth the read.

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