Cinematography : 16mm Question by Christopher Binder

Christopher Binder

16mm Question

Does anybody know of any 16mm digital scanner that's for sale on like Amazon or some other website? I know they have them for 35mm and Super 8 slides but can't find any that do 16mm.

Lani Finer

I know a lot of people that just project the 16mm on a white wall and record it with their HD camera if you have access to a projector it's much cheaper and looks just as good

Jeffrey Akers

I'm assuming you're talking about a "still-photo" scanner. If so most of the 35mm scanners I've worked with have available a holder that allows you to put a 16mm (or super-8) clip in. It's basically two (35mm size) thin pieces of glass that sandwich the smaller negative or transparency and hold it flat for scanning.

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