Cinematography : 2 weeks internship wanted in Germany in 2019 by Julia Dibbern

Julia Dibbern

2 weeks internship wanted in Germany in 2019

Sneaking in here again from screenwriting.

My son needs to do this school internship thing in February 2019 (Elftklasspraktikum, the Germans will know what this means). He is smart and creative (I know, I am biased, but really, he is), and knows his way with cables. He is also pretty good with photography. He wants to be a cinematographer.

So I offered him I'd ask around.

Any cinematographers in Germany - Hamburg would be awesome - who would take him in for two weeks?

I'd gladly send him to London or Los Angeles, too. He is fluent at English. (I WOULD find a way to make that work with school. It's what I do.) So... willing mentors out there?

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Hi Julia - did you try searching for cinematographers & networking with them under the Browse section on the top menu bar? We've met several German cinematographers that are Stage 32 members at Cannes. Good luck on your search!

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