Cinematography : 5d Mark III Magic Lantern Hack raw... is it worth it? by Gabe Tullier

Gabe Tullier

5d Mark III Magic Lantern Hack raw... is it worth it?

I've got a shoot coming up... it's a short documentary shot mostly indoors. I want it to look good and need full frame... I can go with a Mark iii with a hack to shoot raw or should I go non raw... I know that the bit rate is higher and such... but what about dynamic range? how messy is the conversion to get it to play back in premiere? I have a decent video card... GTX 475, 12 gb of RAM but only 7200 hard drives... can it play back decent on those drives? I'm most concerned about the edit and the color grade... I'll prolly ask this question over at Magic Lantern as well but I thought I'd ask you guys in here as well. thank you for any advice!

Gabe Tullier

Sounds great will do!

Radu Vlad

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Your card is going to be buried. Might have to change your settings in the CP to use RAM. 7200 is fine to stream video. You really should get another drive. Even a small 7200 for one direction and the other for the other direction read / write. 50.00 Newegg or pop for an SSD. I have 2 ssd's two hdd'ss 12gb ram and a quadro 4000 GPU with an i7 3750 Cpu and those files do drag a bit... Compared to others. Adobe forums will help you get your rig set up.

Andy Sparaco

You are better off using Magic Lantern without using the Raw Hack. You can crank up the H264 data rate and use a constant bit-rate instead of the default variable bit-rate in the ML setting. Handling RAW files requires a workflow that is clumsy especially if you are handing off the data files after shooting. If this is a paying project you need to keep things simple and let your client see results as you go. Not so easy when shooting RAW.

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