Cinematography : Ancient equipment. by Lawrence R. Kotkin

Ancient equipment.

I wanted to do a little shoot of material I wrote. Unfortunately, all I have is a Sony Handicap 360X tag records on tapes. Is this useless and deserves paperweight status, or can I still use it? Should I be buying something similar or is it now the in thing to use my iPhone6+?

Cirina Catania

Hi Lawrence, have you thought of using your iPad or iPhone and an iOgrapher in combination with the app FilmicPro? The decision depends on the ultimate landing place for your media, but you might enjoy trying it out. I use one occasionally to cover expos and events when I don't want to carry heavy equipment. Here's a link: - oh and Rode makes a great little mic or lavs to go with it.

Lawrence R. Kotkin

I have an iPad and an iPhone 6+.. all I need is an iOgrapher... and FilmPro. I'm just using it to learn how to translate my screenwriting work into visual reality. Thanks so much for the guidance.. You're a good person. ;-{) Larry

Lawrence R. Kotkin

I donated the poor little camera to someone who only wants to shoot grandchildren and wayward pets. The cost of retrieving the recordings to digital media made the difference with more functional equipment negligible. An interesting learning event. Kind of like my daughter's B&W equipped darkroom.

Lawrence R. Kotkin

I'm lobbying for equipment here. Since my current tools for scriptwriting revolve around a flat screen and a keyboard, actually shooting scenes frightens me. I think I'll pound out the equivalent of a silent film with minimal dialogue suing the iPhone 6+ and an iPad, just to see if I can create a flowing scene or five. I have a short story that lends itself to a script: three settings with one in semidarkness. Ending with a narrator. This I should be able to handle. I was told that the 10 minute play I wrote from it did not permit multiple settings, but now I can shoot all three: two indoors and act three outdoors at night. Bright lights out into darkness with only a strobe and the sound of gunshots.. okay, cap pistols, at the end. It's a backstory to the Pueblo incident. I'm seeing it as I'm writing here. Is this how you do it?

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