Cinematography : Best Wide Angle Prime for EF Mount by Patrick Southern

Patrick Southern

Best Wide Angle Prime for EF Mount

I've been tasked with finding a lens wider than 24mm for our 5D Mark III. I'd be open to using a zoom, but it would need to be sharp. Currently, I'm thinking an 18mm or 14mm. We are strictly using this lens for video, so I'd prefer to stay away from still lenses, unless it is a REALLY amazing lens that holds up with minimal breathing. EF Mount prime (18mm or 14mm)...ready...GO!

Ken Koh

5D is a still camera with video, all lens for it are still lens also used for video. Not a prime but the Canon - EF 16-35mm f/2.8L is really excellent. If sharpness is crucial, you'll need to shoot at the sweet spot. From my experience it's 5.6-8.

Patrick Southern

Thanks Ken. I've considered that lens. It may be the way we go. I've also been looking at the Zeiss CP.2, Canon CN-E, and Schneider Xenon lenses. Not sure what to do.

Ken Koh

Ok, in that price range than the CP.2 super speed for sure. I have one myself. The coating is superior compared to the other lens and you have good gears for focus pulling. I recommend zacuto for a good follow focus, matte box rig.

Patrick Southern

As I mentioned, I'd like to stay away from still lenses anyway. I'm looking for a lens that will outlast our camera.

Paul Stephen Edwards

I've had nothing but positive experiences with Rokinon Cine lenses.

Andrew Sobkovich

The Canon 5D has a sensor diagonal measurement that is 1.45x larger than a Super 35 frame. Vignetting with PL mount lenses made to cover Super 35 will be a significant issue particularly with wide angle PL mount lenses.

Jake Pasley

I would go with the CP.2 lens. The CP.2 EF mounts Lens are Cine Lens made specifically for DSLR.

Ken Koh

Not as high quality, but still good, the Rokinon are also Cine lens for DSLRs with EF mount.

Ross Stansfield

The Carl Zeiss manual focus lenses are very good...

Patrick Southern

Andrew S. has a good point about PL mounts and vignetting. Plus, when we aren't using the 5D, we're using a C300 or RED Epic with an EF mount. While PL glass is cool, there is plenty of high quality cine glass that utilizes EF. Regarding Rokinon, I'm on the fence. The cost is significantly lower, but the image at the center is typically softer than our existing glass. I need to keep a clean match. Anyone have good luck cutting between CP.2 and Canon L or CN-E series glass?

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