Cinematography : Best drone 4K camera under $2000, does it exist? by Mike Chinea

Mike Chinea

Best drone 4K camera under $2000, does it exist?

So many drones that my head is spinning like those little rotors. I am looking for a drone with a 4K camera under $2000. Any shops in SoCal that I can test them out, your guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Murray Frost

Hay Mike! I would love to help! I have been doing aerial cinematography for over a year. There is a lot of reviews about this drone and from what my experience and what I have heard, no problems! The Phantom 3 Pro. There are also other versions of this drone. There is the phantom 2 or 3 series.

Andrew Sobkovich

As with any camera system, you test it before you buy. You will need to fully test the resolution, colour, latitude, and noise of the images through the record and editing process. Not testing the camera is pretty risky. Moving images do not excuse bad images. "4K" in the current usage is irrelevant, a resolution test can be very revealing.

Dennis Murry

DJI is coming out with their X5 Camera on an's going to be pushing around $5-6k depending on options. The DJI Phantom 3 professional has a 4k camera and you should have some change left over. Just word of caution, educate yourself on the new FAA regulations...please...the best shop I know of in so cal is Aerial Media Pros..very close to John Wayne airport...I doubt you will have the opportunity to test one unless you mean the camera :-)

Mike Chinea

Thanks Dennis. Budget wise the Phantom 3 seems the way to go. I'll check out Aerial Media Pros.

Mike Chinea

I ended up with the YUNEEC Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter with the CGO3-GB Camera because of the price point and it came with extra battery and carrying case. I also applied to the FAA for the exemption to film in close set for movies. When the budget permits I will be upgrading. Thanks all for all your input, it was invaluable.

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