Cinematography : Black Magic Cameras by Geoff Foley

Geoff Foley

Black Magic Cameras

Has anyone had a chance to shoot with the Black Magic Cinema Camera? I'm thinking of pre-ordering the Pocket Cinema model, or perhaps the Production model if I can work out the funds for the body and a set of lenses.

Werner Aubele

The Black Magic Design Camera is a good camera. But if you are interested to buy it, also buy the Arri follow focus assist and other accesories.

Nuk Romualdez

Hey man, The Black Magic is great for it's price. 16-bit camera, that is crazy.. I was also interested in the C EOS line of canon, till I found out that they just shoot at 8-bit, those Canon cameras are just too expensive. the FS-700 by sony is also good. Goodluck

Lewis Martin

Forget Pocket! It's a faux good idea... Try and find NAB reviews, it's too bad... The sensor is too small, and with the x2,3 crop factor it sets lenses limitations and wow, that's a major embarrassment... Sad. Better off with the original BBMCCl!

Jon DeMonte

Here is an article I read recently about shooting with the Black Magic Cinema Camera. I hope it provides a little perspective. I work in the film department at UMKC and we've been considering a Black Magic camera since it wouldn't require a bunch of paperwork at the low cost. My boss has hesitated because he is waiting for "the kinks" to be worked out.. but its been out for a while and is low risk for the price, in my opinion. ::::

Geoff Foley

Lewis: what about the Production model? 4k for $4k at Super 35 format?

Lewis Martin

I think that's much better. I haven't had the chance to test it, but I tried the 2K. But I own an Epic, so what can I say... :D

Patrick Southern

I played with both the PCC and the PC4K at NAB. I don't know what the fuss about the sensor size on the PCC is all about. It's similar to shooting 16mm film. It is great for anything intimate. If you're shooting a western, you won't get huge vistas. I like the PCC and would like to have one for gorilla shooting. I'd rather have it than a DSLR any day of the week. The Production Camera 4K is nice. If you want a 4K theatrical release, you'll need another camera. The resolution isn't quite a cinematic 4K. If you are doing a 2K theatrical release or are doing television, the PC4K is perfect.

Patrick Southern

Test footage from the Pocket Cinema Camera.

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