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Mark W. McIntire

Camera advice

Seeking advice on a camera to purchase for the production of short films for Vimeo or YouTube. I have a small budget so am looking for good bang for my buck. Thanks

Adrian Muscat

Hi Mark, I have shot a couple of short films on the Canon 5D mkii, Canon C300 and black magic. In my humble opinion these are all great cameras for shooting shorts or features on. Depending on your budget, you could pick up a second hand Canon 5D mkii for around $1000 (that's how much they tend to go for in Australia) or a 5D mkiii for around $2000. Here's a link to the short we shot on the Canon 5D mkii

Mark W. McIntire

Adrian, thanks so much. I had looked at Sony but not Canon yet. Cheers

Landis Stokes

I second Adrian's comment. A used Canon 5Dmkii or 7D or Nikon D800 will produce great images when used properly. The only caveat is that you'll have to record sound separately with a Zoom or the like and re-sync in post (but don't let that stop you, it's a few extra steps that's all). I also recommend testing (or least get a hands on) with every camera you are considering. Look at the image quality, it's limitations vs it's advantages, even the ergonomics. (Can you use it out of the box or do you have to buy a bunch of accessories?) Unfortunately there is NO perfect camera, so it will boil down to your specific needs, budget, AND preferences. For example, I prefer dslr cameras for b-roll because I hate re-syncing audio in post, so I own a Sony Fs700. I like my camera and there are newer models being released almost every six months. For now, it's still good for what I need it to do. Shopping for a camera can be tedious but also exciting so have fun!

Ken Hall

It depends on how long the shots are. DSLRs shut down after around 16 min of continuous shooting. If you need it for longer shooting time. I recommend a camcorder or something like it. Panasonic makes good ones.

Scott Singer

I have a few Sony's that I use for what you are doing you can go far with a Sony X70 I use this as my C camera with great results. My prime camera's are Sony FS7.

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