Cinematography : Can you recommend a Panasonic GH3 guide and lenses? by Todd G. Peterson

Can you recommend a Panasonic GH3 guide and lenses?

I'm picking up a Panasonic GH3 this weekend to use mostly for video test and some experiments (and occasionally for stills). I've read a few reviews, and of course I can always read through the manual, but is there a good guide to the GH3 that includes thinks like limitations (e.g. AF only works with certain lenses or in certain modes), optimal settings (e.g. always use all iframe), recommendations, etc. that would help me get the most of out it? FYI, because this camera will be used for experimenting and small projects I'm not going to invest much in MFT glass or an adapter, but curious what MFT lenses people love, especially a wide angle prime (or fast zoom). I'll be starting with the Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 MFT prime, but people seem to like the SLR Magic and some others (e.g. Voightlander).

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