Cinematography : Canon C100 Mark 2, thoughts, experience ? by Oggy Dimitrov

Oggy Dimitrov

Canon C100 Mark 2, thoughts, experience ?

Hey guys ! Would you share your experience with the Canon C100 Mark 2 ? I intend to buy one with the 24-120 at F4. I need a workhorse, a camera that I'll buy and start using it out of the box. I was going for Sony but every word from their consultants costs money (if you know what I mean).

Ali Naji

Am really interested buying Canon C100 mk ii

Tasos Kosmidis

You can check this review from film riot

Oggy Dimitrov

I did some time ago. I wanted to hear some personal opinions, that is why I'm asking for comments. Those reviews are paid mor or less so it doesn't hurt to hear what the other people has to say. Thank you anyway ! I'm grateful for the comment☺

Hayward Crawford

good review from film riot, thanks Tasos.

Brian Ceci

I agree with Kamil on this one. Doesn't quite have the juice that the C300 and C500 have, but it's a fantastic camera with great value, especially with the new features on the Mark II. Incomparable to the DSLRs on the market. I'd skip the 24-120 and try and get something sharper though.

Oggy Dimitrov

What would you recommend ? I've been thinking for the Samyang/Rokinon cine kits. I've made a few tests with them and to be honest they are nice, especially the price :D.

Oggy Dimitrov

Yeah, 24-70 is a fine glass. But yes, I'll be definitely going for the Samyang/Rokinon kit. Yesterday I had a good offer for the DJI Ronin and I intend to combine the system with the Rokinon 20 mm and the 50 mm Af for the rest I have some Nikon lenses and adapter for Canon so I'll use them for now until I have the chance to upgrade. Thanks guys for the comments ! :)

Steve Oakley

You put an Atomos recorder onto the camera and use the internal as backup. DNxHD 145 ( 8bit ) looks great, 3.5 hrs on a 256gb SSD so file sizes are reasonable. so depending on which one get you its $450 or about $1200 fix for nInja2 plus you get a really good monitor for free :)… but NAB is 2 months away. wait.

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