Cinematography : CinemaTyler - How Kubrick Achieved the Beautiful Cinematography of Barry Lyndon by Florin Şumălan

Florin Şumălan

CinemaTyler - How Kubrick Achieved the Beautiful Cinematography of Barry Lyndon

Hayward Crawford

Thanks Florin, what were your thoughts on this video?

Florin Şumălan

Hayward, I don't know what to say..I didn't think about what were my thoughts about this. I watched the video because I like this film of Stanley Kubrick (I don't know if I am right, but I think that this movie shows a big part of the reality from those moments and places in history..maybe if a person who lived in those times would see the movie, he would say that this is accurate with many things..only some little mistakes..I think that it means something if you can show how it really was and not make a film that leaves the impression that you are watching a movie about modern times with people dressed in historical costumes..only if it's intentionally made like this and you have some artistic purposes). I like to watch and learn from how movies were made, I want to be inspired from great things, because I want to make great things (if I can say - "in my own way", "in my vision"). I started sharing things, because I understood that if you want to make connections you have to tell about yourself (bio, links to social media), share things (people see what you like, maybe they are interested in similar things and would want to work with you in the future). I share also because I think this sharing is a good thing - not being selfish, not keeping things to yourself, show to other people too - maybe they can get a benefit from that; share also things that you are not so interested in..if you think it's good stuff, share it for other people who might be more interested..

Sean Mannion

Really interesting look at how the film was shot. Thanks for sharing!

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