Cinematography : Cinematic Paintings by Florin Şumălan

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Florin Şumălan

Cinematic Paintings

On "Cinematic Paintings - The Art of Cinematography", you can find some beautiful cinematography screenshots from different movies.

You can see random shots or if you want you can search only for a specific type of shot (establishing shot, wide, medium, close up and other). You can search also by color temperature (warm, cool) or by time (day, night).

The Art of Cinematography
The Art of Cinematography
The Art of Cinematography. View a collection of film screen shots organized by shot type; Establishing shot, long shot, medium shot, close up, extreme close up, dutch angle, black and white, cool, war…
Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, Florin. This is great! Yes, clearly, both the Classical and Renaissance periods are major influences in film and photography. Basic color theory, the Golden rule of ratios and composition, depth of perception, use of chiaroscuro (meaning "light-dark" in Italian; the treatment of light and shading), etc., are integral to film practiced by filmmakers and cinematographers. I'd say Rembrandt, Carravagio, and da Vinci are extremely influential. Plus, filmmakers love American realist artist Edward Hopper, who truly had a cinematic eye. Especially his famous painting of the diner at night titled Nighthawks is a beloved favorite. Something like 20+ movies can be easily seen as direct reminders or influenced by his art, such as Hitchcock films and many more. One modern movie that comes to mind is Equalizer with Denzel Washington. Perfectly staged, there he is sitting in a diner at night with other late-night dwellers, seen through a window from outside, framed by the light from within, all with Nighthawks sulfuric green-and-yellow color scheme. :)

Florin Şumălan

Hello, Beth. I think we can see movies - moving pictures - as moving paintings too and it's a joy when the moving pictures are not only moving pictures, but beautiful moving pictures.

There are some great works of art from the past; we can get inspiration from them and we can bring somehow their style and their beauty into movies.

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